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Aula Diez
Interactive language courses and tutorials by native Spanish teachers, interactive exercises, level tests.
Complete Spanish Guide
Free online Spanish lessons covering grammar, verbs, and vocabulary. Includes a blog and Spanish language resources page.
Curso de Español
Interactive Spanish grammar and vocabulary exercises.
Online grammar tests and vocabulary practice. Directory of Spanish-speaking webradios by country.
Resources for all levels of Spanish speakers, including a special section for beginners, lessons, quizzes, sound files, word of the day, question-and-answer forum, and translation links.
Offers free Spanish learning resources including a verb conjugator.
How to Have Fun Learning Spanish
Useful vocabulary, information about Spanish language and culture, Spanish resources and Spanish games.
How to Learn Spanish
Blog that describes various methods used to learn Spanish online for free.
Instituto Cervantes
Internet based educational infrastructure set up to provide Spanish courses.
A grab-bag of useful information about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and idiom.
MIT Libraries: Foreign Language News and Newspapers: Spanish
Linked access to Spanish-language news and magazines on the Web. Grouped by country, with brief descriptions.
Notes in Spanish
Learn Spanish with podcast audio featuring real conversations from Spain.
Online Spanish Lessons 4 Children
Interesting and fun activities to help children in the Spanish language acquisition process. Ongoing story - with translated version, vocabulary, interactive games, exercises, word games
Practical Spanish
Free online Spanish tutorial. Covers Spanish grammar and common sentences for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
Free online Spanish lessons: grammar, sounds, reference material, dictionary and quizzes.
Spanish Grammar Exercises
Written grammar explanations as well as free interactive exercises that cover all parts of speech.
Spanish Language
Net resources, articles and study guides on the Spanish language. From
Spanish Language and Culture
Well organized collection of Spanish grammar exercises, with some sound files. Compiled by Barbara Kuczun Nelson, Colby College.
Spanish Made Easy
Offers free Spanish lessons to native English speakers. Includes basic phrases, and a word of the day to build vocabulary.
Spanish Phrases with Audio
Some basic sentences accompanied by an audio clip recorded by a native Spanish speaker.
Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Online exercises, podcasts, and video interviews covering grammar, vocabulary and phrases.
Spanish Pronto!
Page designed to provide a quick start in learning Spanish. Includes Spanish grammar and vocabulary essentials; reading practice, and a list of annotated links.
Spanish Romance
Resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers.
Spanish Teaching
Weblog for teachers of Spanish language and students. Spanish lessons, resources and travel tips for travelling to Spain or Latin America.
Spanish Tools
A complete, concise Spanish grammar with interactive exercises. For intermediate students already familiar with the basics of Spanish grammar. Written by Enrique Yepes, Bowdoin College.
Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer
A javascript tool to practice the present tense, preterite and subjunctive forms of the most important basic and irregular Spanish verbs, plus a list of links to more exercises on these topics.
Spanish Word-A-Day
A free word-of-the-day subscription to expand or keep up your Spanish vocabulary.
Basic translations, flash cards and other Spanish learning resources.
Study Spanish
Learn Spanish online. Free tutorial with audio, cultural notes, a random idiom generator, a list of Spanish schools, and links to other helpful sites.
Offers interactive Spanish exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

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