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Analytic Listening: A New Approach to Ear-Training
Paper on a method for ear-training and auditory skill assessment of students of phonetics.
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
Machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 100,000 words and their transcriptions.
Contrasted Phonology of English and Portuguese Vowels
English, Portuguese, and Spanish vowels are discussed, and possible errors of Portuguese-speaking students of English are examined.
English Conversational Grunts
Contains speech samples illustrating the phonetic diversity of non-lexical items in conversation, such as uh-huh, mm-hm, nn-hnn, nyeah, m-kay, together with discussion of their pragmatics.
Four Tones and Downtrend
Preliminary report on pitch realization in Mambila, a language with four level tones.
How to Pronounce "Ghoti"
Brief analysis of why "ghoti" may be pronounced as "fish".
Infography about Phonology
List of mostly print resources on phonology recommended by a professor who specializes in phonological research.
The Kiel Intonation Modell (KIM)
Paper on "The Kiel Intonation Model (KIM), its Implementation in TTS Synthesis and its Application to the Study of Spontaneous Speech."
Margo's Magical Letter Page
Site regarding phonosemantics, the meaning of sound.
A Phonetics Chart for British English
Provides the basic English sounds and the usual phonetic symbols, with examples and downloadable sounds.
Phonological Atlas of North America
Results of a telephone survey of the major urbanized areas of the U.S. and Canada.
The Rhythmic Speech Museum
Concerns rhythm in speech.
Rutgers Optimality Archive
Contributed-content index of Optimality Theory information. Searchable or browseable data, submission and update forms, font and utility downloads, links to other collections.
Speech Web Sites
Variety of links to mainly acoustics-related sites.
The SpeechDat Project
Database of recordings of speech in various languages.
Spoken Language Corpus
Summary of work on spoken language at Göteborg University, including discussion of Modified Standard Orthography (MSO). [by Allwood et al, Göteborg University]
Studying Phonetics on the Net
List of categorized links concerning the study of spoken English.
Talking Heads
Contains information concerning speech synthesis, vocal tract modeling, facial animation, and the McGurk effect.
Teaching English Intonation with a Visual Display of Fundamental Frequency
Paper on the use of fundamental frequency displays for teaching English intonation. [by Richard Stibbard]
Virtual Language Laboratory
Online language laboratory providing pronunciation practice and accent correction in a number of languages.

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