Science Technology Space Colonization Essays and Manifestos
Single articles advocating for space colonization, from any viewpoint.
Colonies in space may be only hope, says Hawking
Interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph in which eminent cosmologist Stephen Hawking warns that the human race is likely to be wiped out before the millennium is out unless we set up colonies in space.
Death and Time Travel
Essay, with interesting illustrations, on suspended animation as a route to colonizing the stars.
Interstellar Ark
An analysis of methods for interstellar travel, with a focus on perhaps the most realistic option for success - a large vehicle capable of sustaining thousands of inhabitants for hundreds of years.
National Space Society: Statement of Philosophy
Vision of "people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth".
The Political Economy of Very Large Space Projects by John Hickman, Ph.D.
Explanation of why large space projects (such as solar power satellites, O'Neill colonies, etc) will necessarily be government funded public works, at least at first, rather than created through pure private enterprise.
Sagan's rationale for human spaceflight - The Space Review
Essay describes space scientist Carl Sagan's thoughts on why human flights to space should continue.
Space and Human Survival (Sylvia Engdahl)
An essay by science fiction author Sylvia Engdahl on why colonizing space is essential to human survival.
Space and survival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Encyclopedia article on the relationship between the colonization of space and the long-term survival of the human species.
Space Colonization and SETI
Interview with Gerard K. O'Neill by John Kraus of COSMIC SEARCH.
Space Quotes to Ponder
Over 100 brief quotations explaining why expansion of civilization into space is essential to the future survival and evolution of humankind.
The Space Review: The Space Flag
Article by Michael Huang suggesting a new "space flag" as a rallying point for human colonization of space.
Syliva Engdahl on space
Essays, quotes, and a radio interview from science fiction author Sylvia Engdahl, about the importance of expanding beyond Earth.
The top Three Reasons for Humans in Space
Short manifest for space colonisation.
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