The Sami (Saami or Sámi), previously known as Lapps, are the native and indigenous population of the northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula. They inhabit the Arctic and subarctic areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland and western Russia. Their languages belong to the Finno-Ugric languages.

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An Introduction to the Sami People
Presentation and description of the indigenous population of the Scandinavian peninsula. Covers history, language, culture, art, music, politics and the role of reindeer in Sami culture.
The Kola Sami in Russia
From the Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire. "The authors of the present book, who come from a country (Estonia) which has shared the fate of nations in the Russian and Soviet empires, endeavour to publicize the plight of the small nations whose very existence is threatened as a result of recent history. Perhaps it is not too late to give a supporting hand to them without an attempt at either ideological brainwashing or economic exploitation." (Introduction).
Northern Lavvu - Makers of Sami tents
Northern Lavvu: offering traditional Sami tents for fellow Sami and friends. Minneapolis-based small-scale manufacturer. Site contains excellent introduction to the Sami tent with illustrations from classical literature.
Protest against the exploitation of Sami culture
Protest page against exploitation of the native culture in Rovaniemi, Finland. Examples with illustrations.
The Sami of Norway
Factual information published by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Written by Elina Helander.
Samis : Location and Population
Information from the Endangered Uralic Peoples site.
Somby, Ande - Cyberilbmi
A joik performer of the Sami or Laplander people, Somby also is a designer and photographer, and he is associate professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø.

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