Sites in which the primary focus is the etymology of the name and its variants, a one-name study or organization, relevant genealogy or an associated family history.


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Bachus Family Tree
Searchable PAF database prepared by Robert Bachus, featuring Gedcom download.
Family history, ancestry, and origin. Includes articles, information, descendant charts, surname list, and research tools.
Bagby: Van Skike
Descendants of John Bagby (b.abt.1570) from Scotland to Virginia, early 1600s.
Baggett Family History
Baggett, Baggot, Bagot history including origins, coat of arms, family lines and file share.
Baily Roots
Descendants of William Baily (b.1540) from England to the USA.
Researching the families of Southwestern Oklahoma, Southern Ontario and Burin, Newfoundland. Includes Franks, Monogue and Marshall ancestry.
Ancestors of Bill Balsam and Margaret Moreno. Includes searchable database.
Bandy Family History
Research and news pertaining to the name including databases, books and contacts. Member of the Guild of One-Name Studies.
Bangle Family
Gedcom tree, photo album and related links.
Bannister and Yehl
Database featuring Bannister, Bell, Bird, Gilmore, Graves, Keener, Smith, and Yehl (Jehl).
Bardsley One-Name Study
Origins, numbers, and summary of research to date.
Barmore and Barrymore
Web ring by or about the Barmore, Baremore, Barrymore and derivitive families.
Barney Family Historical Association
Single name study society dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Barney family throughout the world. Includes a quarterly newsletter featuring pedigrees and research interests (annual subscription applies).
Barnwell: Western North Carolina
Uniting the various Barnwell families. Compiled by Larry and Linda Barnwell.
Bath and Bathonia: Medieval Connections
Compendium featuring historical background and source information from 1169 to 1395, England and Ireland.
Ancestors and descendants of Benedict Baumann (b.1850) and Cornelia Sorg, Germany to USA.
Beacher, Bicher, Bucher, Bury
Family history of Jonathan Beacher including the surnames Diehl, Eisenhard/Eisenhart/Eisenhuth, Geist, George, Jacobs, Knerr, Millhouse, Riegel, Smith and Snyder/Schneider. Gedcom available for download.
Bean Family Tree
Ancestral history of Brenda Bean including surnames Campbell, Connor, Hynes, Denson, Osborn and Moore.
Yahoo group for descendants of Austin (Augustine) Bearce, including variants Bearse, Barse, Barss, Bearss, Bierce and Burce. Features free members only section with chat facility, photographs and database.
Aim is to provide the basis for a family community, sharing research to highlight origins, history and pedigrees.
Families who immigrated to Puerto Rico during the 1800s. Includes Brugman and Chabrier.
Pedigree of André Jarret dit Beauregard and Margueritte Antiaume, 1600s.
Family history of Sharon Kay (Hulsey) Becker. Includes surnames Hulsey and Brakebill, Phoenix AZ USA.
Family lineage, biography and census information. Research is concentrated in the Southern States of the USA.
Tracing the family from 1830s. Includes biographies, family tree and photographs in and around Sussex, Hampshire, Ealing and Birmingham.
Beever, Drewett and Jacobs
Pedigrees for the Beever families of Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Includes the Drewetts of Hannington, Hampshire and the Jacobs of St Teath and St Kew in Cornwall.
Begany Family
Descendants of Andrej Beganyi 1871-1919, includes map and photographs.
Begent Family
Lineage, royal family tree, games, humour, quotes and words of wisdom. Includes family history forum.
Beischel Family
Overview of the Beischel family that settled in the Cincinnati, Ohio area in the mid 1800s.
Bennight Family Tree
Collection of stories, photographs, drawings and other documents including pedigree.
Descendants of Adam Benston as compiled by Barbara McLain from California, USA.
Family tree, photographs, personal history. Includes Forbes, Streeter, Silvia, and Perreira.
Berrien Family
Ancestors and descendants of Judge John Berrien of Rocky Hill, New Jersey as compiled by Dennis Berrien. Includes stories, coat of arms, photographs, and family tree.
Family history, includes Butram, Burtram and Buttram.
Researching the lineages of Best, Braham, Brahm, Brame, Knight, Lewis, McSheehy, McShee, Sheehy, Speed and O'Neil. Originated in ENG, IRL and DEU; settled in the South East of Australia.
Beswick Family History
Ancestry of Thomas Beswick, convict transported from London to Tasmania in 1823, married Mary (Mackenzie) Peck.
Betts Family Tree
Pedigree originating in great Hayward and Colwich, Staffordshire, ENG.
Family tree and photo album, compiled by Michael Beuss, Frankfurt, Germany.
Beversluis, Beversluijs, Beversluys
Family history, original documents and pedigree.
Bevier Family of America
Descendants of Louis Bevier and Marie LeBlanc. Includes reunion notices, European origins and current research.
Surname study originating in England and the lineages in the USA as compiled by Carlene Morrison. Also includes related variants of surname.
Family history and general interests of Peter and Jacqueline Biddlecombe, including surname origins and UK history.
Bidwells of Devon
Researching the lineage from Devon, England to Ontario, Canada. Family tree compiled by Charles Moorhouse Bidwell, Edmonton, Canada.
Biegler and Girtman
Family history of Herbert L Girtman Snr.
Biggar Family
Single name study including variants Bigger, Beggar, Biggar and Biggart. Features coat of arms, castle history, various pedigrees, research exchange and associated links.
Tracing the history of the name with origins in Hudderfield.
Ancestors and descendants of Captain Christian M Binckley (b.1738) Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Compiled by Rev. John Ashbaugh.
Binghams of Bingham County
Pedigrees including Fife, Aldous, Gates, Warner, and Wilkins.
Family history of Pippa Binnie including surnames Barker, Barnes, Casey, Doyle, Edmondson, Groves, Hagan, Heeney, Hill, Little, Makin, McDonough, Meehan, Pickston, Warburton, Whittaker and Williams. From Liverpool back through Glasgow to USA, Australia and worldwide.
Birdsong Family
Ancestral history from the 1600s to present day. Resources, queries and links.
Blais Data
American family of Blais featuring the descendants of Pierre Blais of Ile d'Orleans, CAN and the USA. Surnames include Morin, Chartier, Letourneau, Plante, Mercier and Belanger.
Blansit Family
Ancestral history of Ken, Diondra and Travis Blansit from Modesto, CA USA. Includes census data, BDMs, photographs and stories.
Bledsaw and Bledsoe Family Gallery
Pictorical family history covering Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky USA.
Bliss Family in America
Early US and UK locales, biographies, census data, patriot information, and links to Massachusetts history and resources.
Bloxsom and Ralston
Generation charts and photo album, compiled by Kathleen Bloxsom Wagner in association with Doris Alexander McTaggert and Lavon Elder Mundinger. Includes Tannehill and Young.
Dedicated to those with the name across the globe. Includes application in history, on the web and in respect to companies.
Creating a worldwide family tree by testing the male Y-chromosome. Includes current results, participation criteria and applicable contacts. Includes variants such as Popp, Paup, Bob, Babb, Bubb and associated spellings.
Ancestral history. Includes Cune, Hamme, Fuld, Poons and de Vries. Compiled by Reinier and Dirkje Bobbe. Also available in Dutch.
Designed to aid other Bodeens of Swedish descent to trace their ancestry and to share family information.
Bodimeade One-Name Study
Spelling variations, origins, database, family groups and transcriptions.
Ancestral history compiled by Dave Bodine. Includes name index, picture gallery and archive resources.
Bogue Family Online
Ancestral and relationship chart, general family history. Includes neighbourhood community.
Bonavoglia: Italy
Family tree and general interests of Marco Bonavoglia. Includes the surnames Sacco, Torre and Tatulli. Features pedigree database, photographs, information on Milan, games, paintings, poetry and chess.
Bonitz Families
Global meeting place for those with the name. Includes origins, history and occurrences.
Global single name study including history, pedigrees, photographs and biographies. Site available in Italian and English.
Relatives of Mimi Torchia Boothby, includes recollections, pedigrees and associated links.
Covering USA, England, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.
Searchable database, primarily from Ostfriesland, Germany. Includes gedcom version of tree.
Borgon Family
Pedigree, photo album and message board.
Canadian Connection. Surnames include Bowser, Geisler, and Radford. The descendants of Sir Isaac Newton's family are also listed.
Family tree covering Amsterdam, UK and USA. Compiled by Tony Wright.
Descendants of John Boshart (b.abt.1750) Wittenheim, France and Anna Maria Muller. Both were Swiss Anabaptist (Mennonite) refugees. Surnames include Jantzi, Roth, Zehr, Eicher.
Researching the name Bosschaert(s) and variants Bosschaart, Bosschart, Bossaerts, Boscara and Bouchaert. Site is available in both Dutch and English.
Bosua: Cornish Roots
Family trees, photographs, ships, shipwrecks and diary entries from 1850s. Surnames include Minards, Perry, Coe, and Hubbard, mostly around Talland and Polperro.
Central repository for collecting and exchanging information for persons researching the name including variants Boutwell, Botwell, Bathwell, Boswell and Buthwell.
Bouvier Family
Descendants of Louis LeBouvier and Sebastien Bouvier, both born around 1605 in France.
Bower Community
Research group investigating over 81 variant spellings of Bower and Bauer. Includes origins, photographs, and indexes for medieval German birth records 1535-1650; general German births 1651-1905; and vital records from NZ, UK, CAN and the USA.
Bowlby Family Organization
Serving as a focal point for bringing together descendant researchers interested in exploring, sharing, and preserving the heritage of the Bowlby family including variants Boulby, Bolsby, Bowlsbey and Bolby.
Researching various surnames. Includes family lines, links and information.
Bown Pages
Tracing the lineages from Middlezoy, near Bridgwater in Somerset, ENG. Also features postcards of the Bridgwater area and a link to the Bridgwater astronomy club. Compiled by Dave Bown.
Boyette: Out of Attala
Tracing the lineages of Boyette, Mcgarrah and Grace of Attala, North Mississippi USA. Compiled by Marjorie Norris.
Boyle: Nova Scotia
Descendants of Dougald Robert Boyle (b.1847), married Mary Ann Tyrrell.
Bozza, Consiglio Fibraio and Nemeth: NJ
Family history of Therese and Paul Fibraio including pedigree, photographs and associated links.
Bradley and Nicholson - Our Family Roots
Ancestry and family history of John Nicholson. Includes documents, photo gallery, mysteries, and grave marker information.
Brailsford Pages
Researching the history and application of the surname including variants Bralsford, Brealsford, Brelsford, Brialsford and Brailsforth. Features transcript database and origins in Derbyshire,UK..
Various researchers collaborating on a single ancestral project. Includes surnames Atkins, Bicknell, Biggar, Burton, Clark, Ditch, Donaldson, Kajatin and Snell.
Brantley Association
Family organisation founded by Ken Brantley, dedicated to ancestral research, primarily throughout the United States. Includes spelling variation of Brantly.
Brasfield - Brassfield
Intended as a global family album as opposed to a repository of data. Encourages the submission of electronic photos, stories, family bible information and memorabilia.
Brashear: Shake That Tree
Ancestral research and information on Missouri County, USA. Includes surnames Robinson, Weins and Fink.
Breadmore One-Name Study
General research including name etymology and variations.
Breazeale Kinfolk
Research hub for descendants presented by Tim L Brazeal. Includes Wills, probate records and photographs.
One name study including searchable databases and associated links.
Brian and Mitchell Families
Records and documents for over 5,000 names including Bryan, Bryant and Briant.
Y-chromosome testing to determine family relationships; and to establish specific European origins and timescale.
Brinley: USA
Family research site, history, searchable name index. Includes Brindley, Brinly and Brinlee.
Ancestors and descendants of Hendrik Willem ten Broeke. Researched by Klaas Jansen and compiled by Jan ten Broeke.
Researching the lineages of Bromberek, Bumber, Kozlowski, and Wesolowski who emigrated from Poland and settled in Lemont, Cook, IL USA; and Irish origins of Howe, Madden, Riordan and Tracey.
Brooks Genealogy
Web ring pertaining to the name and associated variants.
Brough, Richard, Family Organization (RBFO)
Non-profit, Utah based association which aims to document the lineage of Richard Brough and Mary Horleston. Research is currently focusing on the pre-1700 Broughs of Staffordshire, England.
Brower and Tyrrell Family History
Descendants of Jacob Brower and Hezekiah Tyrrell. Includes history on the US Cavalry.
Brownfield Family History
Documenting a line of Brownfields from Greenwich, Gravesend, Rotherhithe and Petersfield in ENG from 1700 to 2000.
Ancestral history. Includes scrapbook, tree and old family stories.
Brumley Families
Ancestral history, mostly US, includes coat of arms, census, marriage records and photograph album. Compiled by Carol Brumley.
Family connections in Henry, Louisa and Des Moines Counties, Iowa. Includes pedigree.
Brunner and Macey Family Ties
Ancestral history, including the McKagues of County Cavan and Oberholtzer families.
Y-Chromosome test to determine which lines are genetically linked, and to identify the most remote common ancestor.
Buice Family Reunion
Family history, coat of arms and reunion news. Includes Dutch origins of name and information on several generations.
Ancestry of Sander Buiter, including name origins and history from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.
Bunn Crib
Families that settled in Mississippi, especially around the Monroe County area.
Family history exploring links with Poland, Germany and Switzerland. Compiled by Mike Burger.
Burlinson Association: UK
Single name study researching and documenting the name and its application. Includes origins, coat of arms, resources and associated links.
Burness One-Name Study
Research on the surname Burness anywhere in the world including origin, spelling variations, distribution and family trees.
Research resources for the name as compiled by Vera Burnham, including variants Burnum and Burnam.
Descendants of Vincent-Nicolas Boissonneau who came to New France in 1665 with Louis the XIVth's Arignan-Salieres regiment. Married Anne Colin and lived on the 'Ille de Orleans' in Quebec. Available in English or French.
Bustanoby Family History
Family tree, books, articles, photographs and personal stories from the Bustanoby family members and their descendants. Stories begin with the Bustanoby brothers, restaurateurs, in New York City and Long Island.
Bustraan Family
Ancestral research from the late 1500s to present day, stretching from Zeeland in the Netherlands to the USA. Includes photographs and information on name origin.
Butson Family
Descendants of Solomon Butson (b.1793) Cornwall, England. Compiled by Dave Butson.

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