Sites in which the primary focus is the etymology of a surname and its variants, a one-name study or organization, relevant genealogy or an associated family history.


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Photograph albums, family history, pedigree trees. Includes surnames Dormaier, Garland, Klicker and Remmen.
Calderón Ancestry
Family history of Jose M. Calderon Ortiz including origins and links to associated research.
Caradonna and Sheridan
Ancestors and descendants of Gaspare Caradonna (b.1800) Vita, Siciliy and James Sheridan (b.1830) from Ireland. Compiled by Nancy Caradonna.
Carlin, Mats
Ancestral heritage from Sweden and Norway. Includes ancestors from Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Bohemia.
Ancestral history of Irish families from Cork, Kerry, Monaghan, and Offaly. Also includes those who immigrated to Haverhill, Massachusetts USA, early 1880s.
Casto Connections
Bringing together various lineages across America and the rest of the world. Includes a newsletter devoted to the ancestral research of all Castos.
Caveys Family Worldwide Society
Researching the name and its global application.
Cawthorn, Scott and DeSilva Palmer Family History
Ancestral heritage of Ann McClean.
Descendants of William Cazzell, born in Virginia circa 1780-1783; married Judith Lewis in 1826 in Floyd, KY circa 1885-1890. Died circa 1900 in Greenupsburg.
Chadeayne Family
Descendants of Jean Chadeayne, a French Huguenot who came to America in the late 1600s.
Champie Family History
Ancestral heritage as compiled by Sigrid Nord-Champie. Features stories, photographs and associated links.
Chandlers of Coweta County Georgia
Descendants of William Clark Chandler as compiled by James Francis McCoomb from Newnan, GA USA.
Chase Family
Ancestral heritage, photographs, family pages and reunion information.
Single name study including the variants Chatton and Chattin in the UK.
Cheek Family
Researching the lineage from of Alleghany County, NC USA, including descendants of Richard Cheek and Jennie Andrews.
Family history of Paul Chenevey including Helmeczi and other related families in the USA, Canada, and Europe.
Descendants chart and biography pages for more than 7,200 family members, dating from 1682 when John Churchman came to Pennsylvania from England with William Penn.
Chute Family
Ancestral database featuring the US branches and their origins.
Clarkson Family
Descendants of Lee Clarkson of Heaton Norris, Stockport; compiled by Spencer Clarkson.
Cleary and Luck Ancestry
Researching the Lucks of Heathfield, the Reddens of Kent and the Clearys of Tipperary.
Descendants of William Clement (d.1760) of Amelia County, VA USA.
Clendennen and Ehlers
Family history of Orea Alvin Ehlers, Junior and wife Norma Jean Clendennen Ehlers. Includes member photographs, awards won, and related surnames.
Family history with special reference to the descendants of Charles and Jane (Gordon) Clifford. Focus in on Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and Hunterdon County New Jersey.
Clift: Tilling the Soil to Find My Roots
Ancestors and descendants of Julie Clift. Focus is on the lineages from England to Australia.
Coath One Name Research
Registered with the Guild, documenting the name worldwide.
Ancestral history stretching across Scotland, France, Spain and the USA.
Colagrosso Ancestry
Yahoo group for all Colagrosso and relatives worldwide. Primary aim is to discuss roots and determine whether a common lineage is shared.
Colehour and Kreger Ancestry
Ancestors and descendants of John and Henry Kohlhauer who arrived in Philadelphia, PA USA in 1804. Compiled by Bill Colehour.
Family history and reunion information for the descendants of Jeff and Phyllis Levert Collins.
Colton Family
Descendants of Quartermaster George Colton, who arrived from Sutton Coldfield, England to the Salem, MA USA in 1640. Includes generations chart, name index, individual biographies, and a guest book.
Preserving the history of the Combs Cemetery in Izard County, Arkansas. Provides a record of the 600 plus burials at the cemetery. Also features the family history of Robert Combs (b.1827) and wives Edna Elizabeth Campbell and Famie Dixon.
Connett Connections
Descendants of Nicholas Connett as compiled by Lynn Proud. Features general history, records and associated links.
Connecting unknown family members of Coon and applicable variants using the non-recombining Y study.
Descendants of Richard Corbold born circa 1395 in Suffolk, ENG. Includes worldwide branches and associated links. Also features information on Corbould artists and their correspondence.
Corfield Family Tree
Descendants of Richard Corfhull and Abigail de Lutwyche of Corfhull, Longvill and Chatwall in Shropshire, UK.
Family history and personal interests of Jim Corley of Manchester, GA USA. Includes family tree, biography, generation report, hobbies, and photographs.
Family ancestry and research compiled by Michael Corson. Includes information on the DNA project, charts, related surname Beyer, and research links.
Corson/Colson Family History Association
Uniting family members worldwide including all spelling variants and regardless of lineage.
Cory Family Society
Dedicated to the research and publication of information about the name and its many variants, including ancestors and descendants. American based with English roots. Features family DNA Project.
Ancestral history of Brian Corzilius including family lineages; the variant Corcilius; and musings on pottery.
Family history of Jim and Marlene Cosgrave. Includes database and general history.
Researching the name and its application worldwide. Currently focusing on the UK and USA family branches.
Cotter Family of New Farm Brisbane
History of two Irish immigrants arriving separately in Australia in the 1800's, marrying, establishing a family home in New Farm Brisbane and raising six children. Includes photographs from 1896 to 1930's as well as a map of the area circa 1895.
Couch: USA
Researching the name and its application in North America. Includes information on the Couch DNA project, mailing list and associated forum.
Couck Family
Family history of Bruno Couck, includes variants Coeck, Koeck, Kouck, Coucke, Coecke, Koecke and Koucke.
Coulter Family
Ancestors and descendants of Robert Coalter (b.1785) from VA, USA. Features message board and surname study including spelling variants Coalter and Colter.
Family history of John and Dora Coville including the surnames Arscott, Bell, Mayne and Main.
Covington History
Researching the name and its various derivatives. Maintained by Martin H Covington of Coventry.
Cowie and Shields
Family history including Cowie, Duncan, Shields, and Smith. Features stories, generation charts, a guest book, and related links.
One name study and its variants in England and Wales. Maintained by Larraine Williams.
Family history of Chris Craggs, Addlestone, Surrey, England. Includes descendants of Joseph Craggs.
Craycroft, Bresnahan and Bresnan
Researching the family lineages of Craycroft and Bresnahan from IRL and AUS; and Bresnan from the USA. Includes photographs, documents, gedcoms and associated links.
Creller Family Tree
Ancestors and descendants of James S Creller.
Ancestral heritage of Bill Cribb featuring records and data for a number of families, cemeteries and high school yearbooks.
Cridland Family
Providing ancestral information and assistance to those researching the name, including variants Credland and Criddle.
Crispell Family Association
Aims are to pursue and maintain connections among Crispells everywhere and to document and preserve the family history in America. Includes Huguenot origins and heritage.
Crossland and Crosslin
Researching the name and its variants worldwide. Includes general history, origins, database, selected records and resources.
Crundwell Family History
Ancestral research including surnames Horvath, Kerr, Madej, Schemine, Silva and Sliwinski.
Family history of Steven Cubberley from West Ham, London UK. Includes surname origins and general history.
Culpin Family Name Study
Variants include Culpan. Birth, marriage, burial and census records plus family trees.
Cunningtons Family History
Single name study started in the UK in 1989, now extending internationally with data for various regions. Includes BDMs, census and parish records. Maintained by Dave Cunnington from Middlesex, ENG.
Documenting the ancestry and general interests of Janice and Brien Cushman. Surnames include Andrews, Booth, Brayford, Burrell, Edge, Groves, Houghton, Johnson, Malthouse, Osgood, Avery, Biggs, Crabb, Harrington, Houtz, Rofe, Strang and Wright.

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