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Mahatma Gandhi (proper name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-1948) led the people of India in a successful and largely non-violent struggle against British rule.

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Dandi March
Scott Graham describes Gandhi's march to Dandi to protest against the salt tax. Includes photographs and bibliography.
Dandi Salt March
Learn about Mahatma Gandhi's historical march to Dandi.
A Flash presentation of photographs of Gandhi.
Gandhi - The Great Experimenter
The site analysis Gandhi as a 'constant experimenter' in spirituality, self-reliance, health, clothing, child care, and status of women.
Gandhi on Education
An essay by Barry Burke exploring Gandhi's views on western education system.
GandhiServe Foundation
Offers films, footage, audio, video, books, photographs and a webstore related to Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi's life and work. An informative site, also a large collection of links to yet more information.
Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths
Text of the 1990 Annual Gandhi Lecture for the International Association of Gandhian Studies, on misconceptions about Gandhi and nonviolence.
Mahatma Gandhi and the Corea Family of Chilaw in Sri Lanka
Mahatma Gandhi visited Ceylon in 1927 and stayed with the Corea Family in Chilaw. The story of that visit, with illustrations.
Mahatma Gandhi's Madurai Visit
About Gandhi's trip to Madurai, which brought about the change in his way of dressing.
Mahatma Gandhi, the Missing Laureate
An article by Øyvind Tønnesson from the Nobel eMuseum on Ganghi's nominations for, but failure to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Mahatma Gandhi and the Bahais
An essay on Mahatma Gandhi and the Bahais striving to achieve a non-violent civilization.
Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya
Learn about the memorial museum in Mumbai which housed Gandhi. Includes biography, letters, quotations, library, photographs, and artifacts.
The Voice of Mahatma Gandhi
A sound clip of a paranormal voice purported to be of Mahatma Gandhi as recorded with British medium Leslie Flint
What Would Gandhi Do?
Gandhi quotations and links reflect his ideas about spirituality and non-violent action, as well as his deep commitment to individual liberty and the minimal state.

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