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The minimum wage is the lowest legal wage paid to workers in certain categories. In the U.S., minimum hourly wages are set by the federal government and by the states. In other countries, minimum wages (by the day or month as well as the hour) can be the result of labor negotiations as well as legislation.

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The Guardian - Minimum Wage
Collected news, analysis and comment on the minimum wage issue.
ILO - Resource Guide on Minimum Wages
Provides publications, statistics, media coverage, photos, videos, online resources along with ILO documents, databases and links. From the International Labour Organization, Bureau of Library and Information Services
Oregon State - Minimum Wage History
Four charts showing changes in the minimum wage, its value, and its relationship to the poverty level over the last several decades.
Swarthmore College - Policy Debate: Does an Increase in the Minimum Wage Result in a Higher Unemployment Rate?
2003 debate discussing the employment effects of the minimum wage, including annotated links to other arguments pro and con.
Wikipedia - Minimum Wage
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about the history and effects of minimum wage laws worldwide.
Real Clear Politics - Ignoring Economics
An article arguing that the minimum wage is partly responsible for unemployment among not only African-American youth but also violent young French Muslims as well. (November 15, 2005)
OCPP - Minimum Wage Employers Posting Strong Job Growth
Report showing strong growth in the restaurant and farm industries that pay the state's high minimum wage, from the Oregon Center for Public Policy. (September 16, 2005)
Mackinac Center - Minimum Wage Causes Maximum Pain
Essay concerning the origin of the minimum wage and its negative impact on women, minorities, and unskilled workers. (June 01, 1998)
Mackinac Center - Minimum Wage and Fairness
Study arguing against the minimum wage, by Michael LaFaive. (November 01, 1997)
CATO - The Minimum Wage: Washingtons Perennial Myth
1988 analysis by Matthew B. Kibbe, later head of FreedomWorks, of the economic, social, and political reasons not to raise the minimum wage. (May 23, 1988)
Minimum Wage Escalation
Monograph by Thomas Sowell examines legislation that would automatically escalate the minimum wage based on earnings elsewhere in the economy. (August 03, 1977)
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