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Stop Bullying Now!
A social worker tells how to identify and prevent and intervene in bullying in schools. Tells what doesn't work and what does. Includes questions to ask bully's and links.
Anti Bullying Network
Information for young people, parents and teachers on tackling bullying within schools.
BBC News: Youngsters Targeted by Digital Bullies
More than one in every four youngsters have been threatened on their computers or mobile phones, according to a survey.
Bullies to Buddies
Teaches victims of teasing and bullying how to solve problems without other people's help and without getting others into trouble.
Bully Web
Anti-Bullying events for young people by young people. Strategies to tackle the bully and bullying itself.
Bullying at School Information (UK)
Bullying at School Information Pages
Bullying Online
Help and advice for victims of bullying.
Bullying. No way!
Resource in Australia to assist students and teachers to make informed responses to bullying and harassment in the school environment.
Canada URL addressing issues about bullying. Includes many stories, poems, and drawings.
Organization reporting on state antibullying laws and advocating for bullied children.
Discusses recognition and prevention of intimidation by email, IM, web sites and other internet or high-technology media.
Dealing with Bullies and How Not to be One
From Northern County Psychiatric Associates in Baltimore, Maryland. Advice for parents on how to know if your child is the victim of intimidation, how to intervene, and how to react if your child is the bully.
Education World: Are You a Bully?
Asks teachers to evalutate their own behaviour. Contrasts bullying behavior with positive classroom management strategies.
Jared High's Story
Tells how bullying led Jared High, April Himes, and others to suicide.
Raven Days
"Surviving middle school, junior high, and high school as a hunted outsider." Written for those who have been (or are being) bullied at school, and for those who want to help.
Taking the Bully by the Horns
Articles and advice from this self-help book providing young people with the skills needed to deal with bullies and maintain healthy self-esteem.
What To Do If Your Child Is Teased or Bullied
A strategy parents can use to help their children to cope with bullying.

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