This category contains sites relating to the conflict involving Iraq, US, UK and the international community. It covers the military actions taking place and the relations between foreign nations, multinational organisations and Iraq. Information on the sanctions against Iraq is listed in Society: Issues: Economic: Sanctions: on Iraq. Information on the situation in Kurdistan can be found in Society: Ethnicity: Kurdistan. Information on the so-called "War on Terrorism" in general is listed in Society: Issues: Warfare and Conflict: Specific Conflicts: War on Terrorism.

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American Catholic: Catholic Just War Theory and Iraq
Provides resources on the Catholic Church's position on the war in Iraq, including background information on the just-war theory and links for related sites. With online forum.
Citizens United
The conservative research organisation provides information on ongoing projects and campaigns, including online petitions. Includes policy articles, a list of publications, order and donor information.
Cost of War
A running total of the amount of money spent by the US Government to finance the war, based on estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. Iraq
A collection of articles, comments, and analyses on the war.
First Strike Guidelines - the case of Iraq
Assesses how the case of Iraq measures up within a set of guidelines for preemptive counterproliferation developed by the director of the Air Force Counterproliferation Center. Includes extensive notes with links to material relevant to making an informed decision about war.
Friends of Jean Paulhan
Weblog covering his trip to Iraq.
Globalissues: The Iraq Crisis
Offers background analysis, with links for related reports and external articles.
The Holy See: Prayer for Peace
Statements by John Paul II and his envoys on the crisis, peace prayers and links for related quotations in the Holy Scripture.
Documents coalition casualties for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
Target Iraq
Global Security provides information on the history of the US - Iraq confrontations, on the military forces on both sides and on possible targets. Includes a collection of links.

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