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Cababag, Alfred
Includes sports, personal information, clothes, and posters.
Cabot, Brett
3D animation, music, photos, stories and family information.
Cabradilla, Wayne
Personal information, resume, links and some daily updates.
Cacciatore, Joe
Includes a biography, beliefs, humor, model trains, photographs, projects, and links.
Cagley, Kati
Personal web page used as a journal and sounding board for her philosophies.
Caine, Christopher
Includes personal information, a resume, and links.
Callaway, David J. E.
Includes research and links.
Calvert, Dr. James B.
Information on multiple educational subjects such as physics, American history, Geology, Waves and Acoustics. Also includes a humor section and contact details.
Camus, Jun
Contains information about him, his family, work, programming information, and links.
Caplan, Harry
Biographical information and photo of Harry Caplan, who owned and operated Caplan Sport Shop in Portland for over fifty years.
Caplener, Scott - 7years
Independent film and poetry.
Cappe, Darrin
Personal information, portfolio and education and work history.
Caputo, Flora
Personal health tips, cooking recipes, tips on dealing with Croh's disease, family trees and links.
Carey, Timothy Ryan
Personal bio, photo gallery, hobbies, and interests.
Cargo, David S.
Includes pictures and personal information.
Carlock, Alex
Personal interests, travel, and information.
Carlyle, Jeffrey
Graduate student at the University of Illinois. Family information, resume, biography, contact details, and links.
Carnell, John
Links and brief personal biography on this guitar enthusiast.
Carobene, Mario
Brief personal information, pictures and links.
Caron, Aurel
Features photographs, poetry, and Canadian links.
Carriere, Mike
Personal details, mountain biking pictures, links and a guest book.
Caruso, John
Includes projects, personal information, and links.
Caselberry, Kevin 'Kace'
About Kace, his friends, and his family.
Cash, Heather
A graduate of the University of Central Florida and a professional programmer. Includes a biography, resume, bits of code for download, and a web site portfolio.
Castillo-Saad, Vanise
Includes personal information, desires, photographs, and family.
Cauwe, Christoph
Offers pictures and webcam.
Cavalier, Jim
Includes photographs, stories, games, and cartoons.
Caviness, Tracy
Genealogy, jokes and links.
Caws, Mary Ann
Includes personal information, articles, and lectures.
Cech, Jiri
Includes a Curriculum Vitae, research, personal information, and photographs.
Cederberg, Per
Personal information, pictures and links.
Cena, Aga
Detailed resume, past travel information and pictures.
Cengiz, Eylem
Includes a biography, a resume, photographs, and links.
Cerezo, Ricardo
Detailed resume, portfolio and links.
Cernosia, Dennis
Photography by Dennis Cernosia
Chait, Barry
Includes a resume, a film he made, and links.
Chamness, Mark
Includes humor and photographs.
Champion, Edward
Weblog on a wide range of topics by a denizen of San Francisco.
Chandra, Vipul
Contains CV, contact details, links and a picture of a dog.
Chandran, Amal
Includes interests, pictures, and downloads.
Chapin, Robert
Personal blog and homepage featuring research papers and technical articles.
Chapin, Ryan
Motorcycle racing art, guinea pig and fish photos, sketches, and personal weblog.
Chatterjee, Anirvan
The creator of shares some personal details.
Chaudhary, Mukesh
Animations, opinions, personal information, cartoons, and problem solving games.
Chbaklo, Tarek
Includes a free stuff center, links, and his writings.
Cherne, Brian
Online resume, portfolio, photographs of family, pets and some random pandas.
Chester, Tom
Features the author's hiking information through the San Gabriel Mountians, and Angeles National Forest. Contains his rating of chocolate bars, and a site map.
Chevrel, Sebastien
Personal showcase that includes Flash, Java, and DHTML experiments.
Chhipa, Umarfaruk
Details of a motorcycle world tour and photographs.
Chi, Linda
Includes personal information and pictures.
Chislenko, Alexander
Collections of essays and links to intellectual and frontier resources, mailing lists, futurist and philosophical essays, and intelligent humor.
Chiu, Leo
Includes a weblog, games, and ideas.
Choa, Brian
Contains information about his new band and friends.
Choudhary, Avinash
Brief personal information, photograph and contact information.
Chow, Ellen
Contains pictures of her cats, information about France, friends, and wedding.
Chowallur, Vibin
Contains photographs, art, and links.
Chozick, Russell
Personal information, hobbies, links and news.
Christie, Rich
Includes photos, writings, reading list, detailed resume, socialism information, and links.
Christopherson, Emily
Includes pictures and celebrities.
Chronis, George - Digital World
Includes a photograph and video gallery, research in Artificial Intelligence, projects, and a resume.
Chuang, DJ
Includes a journal, spiritual formation, and holistic integration.
Chudasama, Mahendrasinh
Includes family photos, personal profile, information about family members, and contact information.
Ciaramitaro, Matthew
Includes basic personal information, pictures, interests, and links.
Ciocco, Mark - Kaedrin
Includes book reviews, movies, a web log, links, and interactive stories.
Ciomperlik , J. A
Personal information on 3D animator Monomorphic, along with samples of his computer animation.
Civelek, Mustafa Emre
Includes personal information, research, and articles.
Clamp, Sue
About her life and work, with links to other family members' sites. Quiz, art, genealogy, and notes on her home town.
Clapp, Matthew A.
Includes personal information, literature, and links.
Clapton, Ben
He is disciple of the Cross, violinist, composer, and studying at the Salvation Army Booth College, training to be a Salvation Army Officer.
Claverie, Gloria
Offers information on sons and pet Pekingese, Sheeza.
Claybourn, Josh
Includes personal information, pictures, links, and writings.
Cleary, Linda
Contains personal writings, journal entries, biography, shoe reviews, and short video clips.
Clemente, Angel
Personal information, interests, friends and a section devoted to painter Remedios Varo.
Clements, Aaron R.
Includes hobbies, work, and friends.
Clendenin, Bruce
Microsoft Access applications developer in Dallas, Texas. Also a musician, video producer and published author.
Clogston, Gabe
Includes personal information, rants, pictures, and links.
Cockerham, Rob -
Extensive site covering the Sacramento native's numerous pranks, craftwork, travels, and "science club" experiments of various types; some content also available in Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, German, and Arabic. Also provides related links, photo albums, and personal profile.
Coffman, Cathy
Includes pictures and links.
Cogdell, Bobby
Includes genealogy, photographs, and family.
Colias, Kate
Includes pictures and links.
Colucci, David
Includes personal information, games, cars, and links.
Colvin, Thomas E.
Power and sail boat designs for wood, steel and aluminum, books and other writings.
Comaia, Tim
Personal information, photographs, and tools.
Comer, Miles
Contains personal information, a resume, and links.
Comito, Rhea - Just Call Me Peep
Personal details, photographs, page for her cats, and links.
Coney, Anthony
Shares pictures of the birth of their child, pictures of pets, and favorite links.
Conn, Shaun
Photo galleries of family and pets, work related links, and contact information.
Conner, Brandon
Information on the strokes and a heart attack the 24-year old suffered.
Constan, Randy - Peter Pan
Information on his music, career, interests, and hobbies.
Constant, Lee
A place where he tries to define and repair a loveless life by writing letters, poetry, short stories, and the like.
Constantinescu, Radu
Personal information, resume, photo and project information.
Cooke, Bill
Includes personal information, Dave Matthews Band, Austin Powers, basketball, and hockey.
Coombes, Matt
Random photos and favorite links.
Coote, Michael
Contains professional and personal information.
Cope, Chris
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Copeland, Samantha
Computer Science graduate describes her hobbies and computer interests.
Cordell, Ryan
Includes prayer letters, stories and essays, photographs, personal information, and links.
Core, Harold- Jank the Fixer's Page
Includes poetry, an opinion column, pictures, and a biography.
Corlan, Alexandru Dan
Includes publications, projects, and links.
Cormier, Natalie
Includes poetry by famous and amateur poets, quotes, and song lyrics in both English and French.
Coronado, Aileen
Includes personal information, pictures, music, and links.
Corrales, Victor
Contains personal and professional information.
Corsetti, Emilio, III
Personal biography, pictures, links, family information and contact details.
Corun, Dave
Includes a webcam, music, software, personal information, and links.
Costanzo, Chris
Contains personal details, a journal, a resume, and links.
Costello, Barbara
An art photograph gallery of actress/entertainer Barbara Costello displays her artwork, professional modeling, and publicity photographs.
Cottrell, Ed
Includes a weblog, beliefs, interests, and writings.
Couchet, Bambi-Lyn
Personal biography, filmography, letters from fans and links.
Coughtrey, Victor
Includes an autobiography, family history, and links.
Courtney, Mark R. - Road to Madness
Commentary on professionals and their works as well as original pieces in the topics of literature, music, and photography.
Courtois, Olivier
Provides pictures of Lyon and Rouen, ideas on cheese and the author's resume.
Courtright, Matt - Lord Matthius
Includes a biography, rants, and links.
Coutu, Carol
Personal information, hobbies, and interests.
Covent, Kim
Includes photographs, a resume, and links.
Covey, Jeff- Moo
Includes a web log, comics, writings, tutorials, and links.
Cozart, Dennis
Provides contact information as well as employment, educational, and shipment history.
Craps, Stef
A postdoctoral fellow in the English Department at Ghent University. Includes biography, publications, presentations, courses taught, links, and contact details.
Craven, Jeff
Detailed resume, pictures with friends and family and links.
Craytor, Mike
Includes stories, downloads, and links.
Creaner, Kathy - The Creaner Family Website
Tips and information about foster care, an autobiography, photos, and links.
Crocheron, Scott
Includes photographs, art, writings, and a list of Grateful Dead links.
Croft, David W.
Includes research, family, and links.
Cross, L. C. - Retrograded
Poetry, prose, songs, writing.
Crowe, Alan
Includes information about Alan, his grammar gripes, his favorite music, and some nostalgia.
Crowther, Paul Thomas
Biography, artwork, stories, and links.
Cselle, Gabor
Includes personal information, quotations, photographs, and links.
Cunningham, Jory
Pictures, music and personal sections.
Curière, Marjolijn
Includes personal information, cats, poetry, photographs, and links.
Curl, Barry
Contains personal information, a resume, and links.
Curnes, Debbie
Personal information, favorites, pictures and links.
Curtin, Matthew
Includes personal information, photographs, travel, and a resume.
Cuthrell, Jay
Includes ramblings, music, and pictures.
Cymbala, Greg
Includes work information, family information, and rants.

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