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D'Capmper, Aleks
Personal information, links and pictures.
Da Lage, Olivier
Contains many articles on the Middle East, the Gulf and journalism. [English/French]
Da Man, Eric
Includes photos of friends, favorite cartoon images, favorite Michael Jordan pictures, and links to Canadian websites.
Dacey, Andrew
Includes personal information, photo galleries, a travel diary from Russia and information about two computer terms ARP and encapsulation.
Dagnell, Andreas - Sushi Brother
Includes personal information, MP3s, photos, links, tracked modules and a guestbook.
Dagstine, Lawrence R. - The Vorpal Sword
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Dague, Sean
Includes a photograph gallery, presentations and writings, resume, and a weblog on various subjects.
Dahl, Brian
Includes diary pages, information on Amsterdam, a personal page, pictures of movie posters and a list of his friends.
Dalavurak, Ihor
Includes personal information and picture galleries.
Dandekar, Nikhil
A homepage by a engineering student from India.
Danielson, Mark
Includes a journal, a resume, and photographs.
Danielson, William
Includes links and outdoor photography.
Danielsson, Margit and Lars Gunnar
Includes personal information, photographs, and golf.
Danielsson-Murphy, Lotta
Includes resume, some samples of her writings and links to pages about China.
Dapper, Gwendolyn
Includes a portfolio, a resume, and personal information.
Dariah, Raja Zara - Me, myself and I
Contains personal information, family information, and links.
Dark, Taylor
Professor at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. Information on his book, projects, information for students, and links.
Provides contact methods including instant messenger, free chat, and internet radio.
Daub, Mike
Includes personal information, resume, photos, and links.
Daves Logs
College student reviews computer games and discusses his research on games.
David, Omid
A Ph. D. candidate provides project and contact information.
Dawn, Melissa
Modeling and acting pictures, biography, resume, poems, and favorite musicians.
Day, Allen - The Prawn
Photos, his philosophy on life, his certificate of ordination from Universal Life Church, and his software projects. Also includes editable portions of his site that are built on a wiki model.
Dayah, Michael
A page of links pointing to a blog, a report, and photos.
De, Saptarshi
Includes personal information, photos, resume and favorite links of Saptarshi De.
Deals, Shane
Interests, achievements, and favorite links.
Deans, David H.
Professional portfolio includes commentary on technology, media and telecommunication marketing practices.
Deb, Sankha
A Ph.D candidate in Industrial Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada with research focus on Computer-automated process planning.
DeBellis, Doc John
Information about the Fratellanza Society, links, and pictures.
Debonneheure, Rosa - Dancing Cockroach
Photography, poetry, migraine information, and vintage advertisements.
Decker, Joseph E.
Includes personal information, work, and photographs.
DeCoste, Scott
Contains personal information, photo album with pictures of family, friends and Europe and a downloadable resume.
Deep, Sheetu
Includes games, sports, and links.
DeGennaro, Michele
Included are pages about poetry and thoughts.
DeHoyos, Donna
Personal homepage with bingo and Avon.
Deitz, John B.
Includes motorcycling, genealogy, musings, and recipes.
Dekker, M.L.- Dutchmarc
European cars of the late sixties and personal information are included.
DeKuyper, Adam - Satan's Child
Includes biography, picture galleries, contact information, and why love sucks.
Del Re, Eugenio
Information on his recent scientific activities, resume, and links.
Delahoy, Craig
About his Amiga, Port Fairy, Miscellanea Digest and links.
Delane, Tobi Saavedra - Earth Sanctuary
Includes art gallery and a tree personality chart.
Delatore, Dave and Kristin
Includes personal information, photographs, and projects.
Dellio, Phil
Various writings on music, movies and baseball.
Delorenzo, Frank
Tarantino, Muscle Cars, Young Marines, weapons, and reptiles are included on Frank's homepage.
Demirci, Nesrin and Tolga
Includes jokes, photographs, and links.
Dennis, Susan
Personal page about knitting and New Zealand.
Denton, Christi
Provides biography and résumé, current projects and list of past works, pictures, sound files, and writings.
Deodhar, Prabhakar Shankar
Includes personal information, photographs, and articles.
DeRienzo, Jeffrey D.
Includes personal information, cars, animals, family, and pictures.
Desai, Jigsha
Resumé and other career related work, photographs, and favorite links.
Desai, Rahul
Covers video, photography and book reviews.
Deutschendorf, J.D.
Contact information and poetry created by the owner.
Devernay, Frédéric
Contains personal information and hobbies.
Dhanoa , Bhupinderjit Singh
Current and completed projects. Includes software and tips.
Dhunay, Nav
Includes personal information, family, and links.
Diban, Fernando
Includes a resume, family, pictures, and links.
Dibler, Steve
Includes personal information, photographs, and interests.
Dickert, Sanford
Provides professional qualifications and contact information.
Dickinson, Adam
Includes a resume, computer graphics, science fiction, and music.
Dickson, Carl
Includes a resume, links to projects he has worked on and family news with family photos.
Digby, David
Important events in the life of David Digby.
Dilger, Matthew Bernard- Knock Em Dead Fred
Homepage of Matthew Bernard Dilger. Includes HTML help, film reviews, and personal information.
Dillon, Bill - Callypigia
Includes essays, photographs, jokes, and links.
Dindayal, Robin
Includes personal information, interests, pictures, and links.
Dino, Nico
Contains professional and personal links, a resume, and graduation pictures.
DiRoss, Mike
Includes photographs, personal information, and links.
Dirscherl, Florian
Includes personal details, resume, pictures, tools and links.
Discoe, Ben - Washed Ashore
Life story, photographs and past events, projects, environmental concerns, opinionated writing, notes on friends, and cultural and scientific links.
DiSerio, Luigi
Includes articles, photographs, videos, and links.
Ditto, Mike - Ford's Home Page
Mike 'Ford' Ditto's Home Page.
Dizon, Gerardo- JC Dizon's Shameless Homepage
Includes an autobiography, artwork, and movie reviews.
Dizon, Yolly
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Dobronos, Liya Aleksandrovna
A bilingual site with biography, interests and hobbies, job information, contact page, and a photo gallery.
Dobrowolski, Stephan
Includes personal information, books, and photographs.
Doctor, Sarosh A.
Contains information about Sarosh, pictures, and links.
Dole, Bryn
Projects he's worked on, employment history, blog, and links.
Dole, Leslie R.
Environmental Remediation Consultant.
Dollahite, Chris
Includes information on the history of Halloween, an image gallery, history of the Blair Witch legend and pictures from Star Wars.
Dolley, Simon
Includes family, pictures, genealogy, and links.
Dominguez, Sonny
Information about his favorite music, shows, movies and books. Includes Christian links.
Domman, Markus
Includes personal information, some photo albums, chords and lyrics for songs, computer downloads and a guestbook.
Donath, Judith S.
Assistant Professor of Media Arts And Sciences. A number of her papers are included.
Donkin, Joel
The personal web site of an Australian father, nurse, soldier and horseman.
Donovan, Gregory
The owner's curriculum vitae, research blog and wiki, and contact information.
Donovan, Melissa - Writing Forward
Offers tips for writers and information on her books, "101 Creative Writing Exercises" and "10 Core Practices for Better Writing."
Doomen, Peter
Includes wine links, jokes, and artificial intelligence papers as well as links.
Dorr, Tim
Weblog with flash and HTML experiments, details of web design services and some personal trivia.
Doser, Cathy
Work history, activities and pictures.
Dovi, Frank
Includes pictures, friends, and links.
Downie, Robert
Rob's homepage includes bushwalking, rockclimbing, and photography.
Downton, James
Travel and personal interest information related to language, culture, and translation.
Drain, Jonny
Includes writings, opinions, and links.
Dredd, Adryen
Photos, artwork and personal information.
Du, Vinny
Poetry and stories are among the contents here.
Dubik, Steve
News from his home town, including information about the Chicago Fire, World Soccer, and The Zoomers.
Duco, Armand R
Includes family photographs and other photography.
Dudley, Peter
Personal creative writing, photos, and author's daily amusements.
Duff, Jim- XD's Place
Jim Duff's Mercruiser V8 powered, fully customized, 1985 Pontiac Fiero is the main focus of his homepage. Skydiving information and links are also included.
Duffy, Sean
Includes music, writings, pictures and chat.
Duffy, Sean E.
Includes academic research, a Curriculum Vitae, student resources, and information about the origins of Arizona's drug wars.
Dunbar, Damon
Resume and job history.
Dungan, Fred
Information about Dungan's books, as well as religious and political commentary. Sections in French, Dutch, and Spanish.
Duperrier, Marc
Includes a resume, achievements, and books.
Durken, Daryl
Information on family, list of places that have pissed the author off, and artwork.
Durocher, Amy C
Includes pages on graphic design, photography and illustration.
Durward, Mary Besore
Includes photographs, interests, and links.
Duttweiler, Mark E.
Includes personal information and research.
DuVal, David
Includes projects, a portfolio, family, and photographs.
Duy, Do Nhat
Includes pictures, personal information, and games.
Duyck, Wouter
Includes academic sections and psychology links.
Dykstra, Matthew
Contains information about his religious ministries, a profile and schedule.

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