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Fagatore, Chis
Some personal information, rants, photographs, web cam, independent films, and links.
Fagervik, Markus
Contains personal information, photographs, and links.
Fahey, Kate
Hobbies include acting, singing, playing piano, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, listening to music, and just hanging out with friends.
Fahrnberger, Helge
Photos from travels in Africa and Asia, and a weblog.
Fanner, Dave
Site content includes 2001 diary, race photos from bsb, wsb, gp500, plus Sunday runs.
Faraone, Mario
His qualifications, publications, and research projects.
Farley, Dave
Author biography and pictures. Pages on the Civil War, firearms, his family, pets, and links.
Farlops Industries
Game theory, software engineering, research, some comments on the use and non-use of the metric system, and general interest such as music.
Farm, Frank
Contains photographs, a journal, and links.
Farmer, Cliff
Includes his interests in traveling, music, and astrology, a biography, photo gallery, FAQs, his collection of CDs and videos, and links.
Farrance, Jeremy
Includes personal information, reviews, photographs, and family.
Faust, Robert
Includes personal information, a portfolio, and links.
Favorite, Johnny
Biographical site providing insight on San Antonio showman, athlete, businessman and entrepreneur detailing his early years in NYC and his later residence in SA, his involvement in punk rock, wrestling, martial arts, literature, and Irish culture.
Faxon, Doug
Pointer page
Felkins, Leon - IMHO
Personal page that includes essays and links to essays on politics philosophy, and life.
Fenske, Russ
Includes a resume, photographs, a weblog, and jokes.
Fenton, Jamie
Research software engineer. Pictures and descriptions of products she's worked on.
Fenton, P.W. - Digital Flotsam
"A vast compendium of digital flotsam (jetsam not included)." Photography, essays, links to interesting tidbits,
Fernbom, Hugo
Synthpop information and many music links. Swedish and English.
Fetner, Kathleen
Web Niche. Personal site containing javascript animations and slideshows. Javascript and Photoshop tutorials.
Feucht, Shannon
Contains personal information, pictures, and links.
Feuerhelm, Heather
Includes family, genealogy, ramblings, and pictures.
Fewster, Brian
Includes poetry, politics, and a Curriculum Vitae.
Field, Drew
Includes photos of the young man, comments about his life, and photos of his friends and some other people.
Field, Richard Warren
Essays, trivia quizzes, tests and lists.
Field, Stuart
Includes pub guides, beer reviews and festivals.
Fielder, Sheila
Includes pets, poetry, art, and family.
Figueroa, Jose A.
Personal insight, links, and games.
Filipanits, Frank Jr.
Includes a resume, a thesis, music, and personal information.
Fill, John F.
Contains personal information and a resume.
Finch, Tony
Includes personal information, software, and writings.
Finck, Robin
His photographs and art, themed pictures and letters from guests, and links.
Fink, Zachary J.
Includes personal information, near-vegan vegetarianism, and photographs.
Finlay, Dave
Includes personal information, family, genealogy, pictures, and links.
Fitzgerald, Joe
Includes news, comics, sports, and programming.
Fitzgerald, Michael Allen - Zentropolis
Personal home page of Fitz. Travels, thoughts and adventures as he searches for meaning beyond the City of Domes.
Fitzsimmons, Selene Elizabeth 'Batty'- Selene on the Moon
Pieces of prose and poetry, "Black Annie" information, and loving memories of friends.
Fitzsimons, Martin C.
Contains personal information, photographs, programming, and links.
Fletcher, William
A biography of his work experience, examples of his work, a resume, and links.
Florea, Dawn Marie
Brief biography, photo of her family, and links.
Flory, Jacqueline
Contains favourites, photographs, CD collection, links, and weblog.
Flown, Tasha
Includes personal information, art, and links.
Flusche, Andrew - Legal Andrew
Musings by a law student.
Flynt, Leslie
Includes a journal and links.
Fok, Robin - Take Centrestage
Web log, personal information, photographs, and writings.
Foley, Benjamin
Includes personal information, a portfolio, and photographs.
Forkheim, Mark
Includes hobbies, personal philosophy, and pictures.
Fornaci, Alberto - Webzone
Profile, resume, photo gallery, humor, and links.
Forrest, Chantal
Includes poetry, personal information, a journal, and music.
Forsberg, Erik
His open source software projects, 3D computer generated images, photography, his book "The Craft of Text Editing", and links.
Forsberg, Jonatan
Includes thoughts, veganism, photographs, and links. [English and Swedish]
Fortes, Filipe
Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon.
Fortuna, Pablo
Includes personal information and photographs.
Fottmeijer, Johan
Profile, sound file, links, and photographs created with the Russian Lomo camera.
Francis, Allison - Always Al
Facts about the author, her favorite things, poems, links, and a guestbook.
Francis, Erik Max - Alcyone Systems
Includes personal information, a resume, software, and links.
Francis, James and Jule
Some personal information, jokes, math, video game cheats, and links.
Francis, Matthew
Includes pictures, mountain biking, and surfing.
Franck, Martin
Everything you ever wanted to know about Martin Franck.
Freitas, Kevin
Includes a journal, art, and projects.
Friesema, Katie - Avantpop
Includes personal information, a weblog, music, and photographs.
Fu, Castor L.
Includes a resume and links.
Fuchs, Florian
Includes personal information, a resume, and links.
Fuchs, Robert
A trip to Cape York, and a 2 months holiday in the Philippines. Information on Victoria and Melbourne. Brief English descriptions. [Internet Explorer recommended]
Fukuhara, Derek
A biography, his "microwave cam," and photographs of Hawaii.
Fulton, Shawn
Includes personal information and links.
Funch, Flemming
Computer programmer, system administrator, creator of Transformational Processing, and founder of the New Civilization Network.
Fuqua, James
Offers, searches, links, referance material, and news.
Furr, Carole and Jay
From Essex Junction, Vermont. Pictures, web log, information on their cat, and links.

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