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Gabrilovich, Evgeniy
Includes contact information, resume, and research interests in the field of computer science.
Gagné, Jeremy
Offers pictures and brief biography.
Gaino, Chikara - ChikaraGaino
Includes photographs of favorite actresses and sports figures, information on Louisa May Alcott, and the author's favorite links.
Galal, Ahmed
Includes personal information, movies, music, and links.
Gallart, Sergi
Includes personal information, photographs, computers, and sports.
Galligan, Jan - 75 Grand
An irregular journal of comment and commentary.
Gallo, Peter
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Gamble, Val
Includes photographs, quotations, and links.
Gamlyn, Derek and Dolly
Information about their life, including their wedding in Nepal.
Gammons, Mike
Profile, pictures, and band information.
Ganis, Julie and Ralph
Includes genealogical information, photographs, and information on authors' cats.
Gardenhire, Brian
Resume, biography, family photos, and original graphics.
Gardner, James
About the author and his family. Also includes jokes and favorite links.
Garis, Jason
A personal home page with pictures and links.
Garman, Laura
Includes family information and photographs, as well as summary of author's Pagan beliefs.
Garrett, Bruce
Includes personal information, pictures, and political cartoons.
Garufi, Steve - A Guy in Colorado
Includes personal news, photographs, message board, and polls.
Gash, Robert - Gashalot
Includes Linux logos, web cam, software, and personal information.
Gasior, Eric
Storm photography, favorites, and ideas for a media bias project.
Gaskell, Adrian
Includes biography, academic and professional history, and samples of work.
Gaspard, Derrek - Just For Browsing
Biography, personal information, poetry, artwork, news, guestbook and contact details.
Gasper, Steve
Includes photographs, personal information, recipes, and vacation information.
Gasson, Gaelyne - Home Suite Home
Includes housework avoidance tips, Commodore user information, and webcams.
Gatti, Michael
Photos of his family and such, as well as photos of Miss New Jersey and Miss America events.
Gaur, Amit
Includes personal information, a resume, and projects.
Gausen, Monica
About Monica, her daughter and boyfriend. Page is also in Norwegian.
Gauss, Ed
Includes personal information and sculptures.
Gautam, Neeraj Singh
mp3 songs, games, celebrities, wallpaper, and photographs of festival illuminations.
Gautier, Rich - Randomblings from Rich
Random rambling about technology, news and his hobbies such as chess and piano.
Gebhardt, Andrew - Garbage In Garbage Out
Includes personal information, photographs, and favorite links.
Gee, Dave
Includes personal information, links, photographs, and summer camps.
Geirsson, Rowdy: Scandinavian Aggression
Humorous site devoted to Rowdy Geirsson's writings about Vikings, both ancient and modern.
Geisshirt, Kenneth
Resume, personal information, publications, list of freeware by the author.
Gemal, Henrik
Lists sites the author has made, projects, and personal information.
Gennick, Jonathan
Assistant Editorial Director with responsibility for database topics. Writer. Published and unpublished articles and some presentations.
Gentemann, Allen
Includes personal information, photographs, music, travels, and links.
Gergle, Darren
An Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. Includes Research in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Computer-Mediated Communication, his doctoral thesis, and publications.
Gergov, Vesselin
Includes personal information, photographs, resume, and favorite links.
Germon, David
Includes personal information, photos, and links, as well as information about music bands and Holden cars.
Ghadiri, Alireza
Includes personal information, family, photographs, and links.
Ghandi, Dr. Mahdi
Includes his publications, curriculum vitae, thesis, and a software that he developed.
Giard, Linda Lu
Shares poetry, pictures of friends, and links.
Giddings, Bill and Judith - Edge of the Forest
Includes photographs, personal information, and links.
Gielbert, Christopher John - Scorpio's Lair
Personal information, biography, journal, poetry, music, artwork, quotes, links, message board, information on Thunder Bay, guestbook, news and contact details.
Gier, Roy Ronan
Personal information, games, chat, pictures, poems and links.
Gietl, Jay
Personal information, photographs, and current activities.
Gilmer, Lila - The Wildest Things
Includes genealogy research on the author's family, favorite links, and gardening information.
Gilmore, Delwyn L.
Contains personal information, interests, and links.
Gilmour-Taylor, Geoffrey M.
Includes resume, personal information, biography, pictures, and writings.
Ginsburg, Eric Jay
Includes personal information and pictures.
Girard, Rob
A personal page intended to keep friends and family up to speed on the author's life.
Girvin, Tim
Personal observations on relationships and collaboration.
Gittings, Bruce
Includes pictures of his cat, family genealogy and links.
Glaeser, Peter
Includes photographs, quotations, and links.
Glass, Chris
Sharing his projects, music, and journal.
Gleitsmann, Steve
Includes personal information, photographs, and friends.
Goddard, Philip
A self actualized, self realized composer, writer and nature photographer.
Goer, Evan
Includes journal, fiction, and an HTML Tutorial.
Goldman, Eric
The author's speeches, articles, perspectives on cyberspace law and internet law, the reasons for his name change, and favorite vegetarian restaurants.
Goldmann, Ed -
Includes personal information, links, and email forwarding for family members.
Goldsby, Bob
Family information, genealogy, and expressions of family's Christian faith.
Goldsmith, Justine - Emo Chronicals
Photographs, news, writtings, guestbook and links.
Golub, Seth
Includes personal information, information on unicycling and artificial intelligence, personal preferences, hobbies, and writings.
Goodwin, Harry & Dorret - Cat Page
Photographs, personal information and links.
Goss, Lary Gene, Jr. - Electric Lunar LarryLand
Interests in space art, photography, music, and movies.
Gowen, Marlene - Marlene's Nest
Includes family, hobby, pet, and faith information.
Grace, Mark A. S. - The Grace Files
Includes photographs, essays, and contact information.
Graddage, Neil
Includes information about the author, his hometown, and interests, discussing such topics as sailing, radio controlled cars, computer games, and scouting. Includes photos and a guestbook.
Grattan, Brian
Personal information, photographs, questionnaires, contact information.
Grauf, Kurt
Includes photographs and interests.
Greenlee, Ken
Includes resume, pictures and favourite links.
Greiff, Scott - Coda Blog
Personal weblog focusing mostly on internet news and popular culture.
Grewe, Armin
Personal information, pictures of and links to the Isle of Islay and holiday pictures from Scotland.
Gribaudo, Ben
Includes personal information, computers, photographs, and music.
Grider, Andy
Includes personal information, photographs, music, and news.
Grill, Andrew
Includes personal and contact information, resume, photographs, course of study, speeches, and current projects.
Grio, Walter - Before the Rain
Contains job search links, resume, and a marathon training journal. Also includes photographs from Seattle and San Francisco.
Griscom, Tim
About his cats, and links to the Seti at home project.
Groen, Marc A. - The Groen Factor
Resume, pictures, links, and information.
Gross, Birgit-Emma - The Emmazine
Profile, photographs, diary, contact information.
Grost, Michael E.
With some detective stories, a guide to classic mystery, a history of american art, and articles about classic comic books.
Gruner, Richard S.
Includes personal information and links.
Guan, Diana - The Violet Fair
Includes resume, personal information, and poetry.
Guerra, Paul
Information on his current projects and images of his travels.
Guest, Christian
Photographs and favorite links, information on the author's year abroad in France.
Guimond, Alexandre
About the author, his work and travel.
Gulik, Gregory
Includes hobbies, travel, photographs, and links.
Gunkel, William - SQA Architect and Software Engineer
Detailied history and information about the author and his family, with focus on his professional experience.
Gunton, Neil
Include résumé, short biography, current activities, and hobbies.
News, articles, discussion forums, encyclopedia, reviews, downloads, and links by Kevin Guske and friends about society, politics and sports.
Gustafson, Dave
Archives of original speeches, art, projects, and humor, plus information about Dave.
Gutierrez, Jose - Home Plate
Includes polls, opinion articles, and favorite books and music.
Guttkuhn, Rainer
Includes pictures, a resume, downloads, and links.
Guzdziol, Joe
Christian resources, cooking, recipes, movies, and drag racing.
Guzik, Lou
Links, resume, portfolio, photographs and programming information.
Gückel, Peter A.
Profiles the life of this Canadian man living in Calgary. Includes an autobiography, personal writings and interests, and photographs.

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