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Radcliffe, Peter - Pir in Technicolour
Some personal information, pictures, and links.
Radovac, Sasha
Includes news, games, pictures, and links.
Rajarao, Daniel
Includes links, personal information, and pictures.
Raleigh, John
Photos, quotes, cats and lighthouses.
Ramo, Mike
Includes personal information and links.
Ramos, Germán
Contains personal information, family, and genealogy.
Ramos, Leo
Hawaii photographs and information about personal interests.
Ramsey, Dom
Facts about himself, his projects, and a weblog.
Ramsey, Olivia
Provides pictures and captions about her and her friends as well as family. Was put together by her older cousin.
Rantanen, James
Weblog, photography, and resume.
Rantanen, Mika
Computer-related links for programming, and games.
Rauch, Erik
Amorphous computing, collective intelligence, fractals, pattern formation, multi-agent systems.
Raulino, Susannah
Includes essays on leaving Hollywood, along with photos. Also, features a couple of short films by the author.
Ravoira, Jani
Includes a journal, 'art', poetry, and photographs.
Rawlings, Nikki
Pictures of Nikki, family, friends, and trips she has taken.
Rawlings, Paul
Includes personal information, gaming, computing, a weblog, and rants.
Raynova, Yvanka
Philosophical research, academic career, lectures, seminars and publications.
Raz, Uri
Contains tarot, mathematics, networking, and internet culture.
Razdan, Rahul
Includes a resume as well as a 'portfolio' of other sites he has designed.
Rebas, Martin
Personal information, drawings, computer games, humor, and links.
Redhead, Steven
Includes photographs, news, poetry, and links.
Redish, Laura
Contains childhood photos, computer art, and writings from a long time ago.
Rees, Jim
Includes family, travel, culture, and Ann Arbor.
Reich, Margaret
Includes travel, photographs, and genealogy.
Reichert, Gilles- Reichertonline
About the author, backgrounds to download for Windows 9x, information about Depeche Mode and Front 242.
Reiher, Peter
Personal details, movie reviews, photos, publications, and links.
Reinhardt, Margaret
Includes pictures and information on current events.
Reinius, Sherman
Includes genealogy, skills and photographs of family, friends, and places.
Reisbord, Michael
Information on the California Gold Rush, gold coins, and the Grateful Dead. Also information on the author, friends, and family.
Relik Nyte
Photo albums, interests, and photos.
Remus, John
Includes pictures and links.
Renaud, Josh - Gross World
Includes writings, beliefs, pictures, and friends.
Renner, Christian
About the doctor, his hobbies and professional life. Also includes related links. [English/German]
Renteria, David
Personal details, online diary, photo album and software.
Reso, Jay - Gurl Web Site
Pictures of wrestlers, interests, stories, and links.
Resseguie, David
Includes personal reflection, education, work experience, activities, and hobbies.
Reven, Ben - Great Homepage
Links and information on topics such as college, finance, games, news, research, and search engines.
Rexford, Francine - To Francine's Place
Poetry, writings, tributes to family members, and links.
Reyhl, Duane
Includes personal information, career, and photographs.
Rhine, Wayne- My Corner of the Web
Web design, computer graphics and Genealogy.
Rhys, Christina
Includes personal information, poetry, and links.
Richman, Bruce A.
Includes his Curriculum Vitae and a publications list.
Rider, Shawn
Fiction, essays, art, and films.
Rieser, Clarice - EdgeviewNet Homepage
Family history, current events, light commentary, graphics, games, and greeting cards.
Rijnart, Adri
Information on Adri, his wife and children, and hobbies.
Rijnhout, Edward
Contains personal information, friends, photographs, and links.
Riker, Tim
Includes photographs, genealogy, and family stories.
Rinehart, Joe Sheridan
Biography, resume, and photographs.
Ritman, Jon
Photos and descriptions of the games he programmed for the Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.
Robert, David - Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax
A Canadian's opinion on the Y2K situation. Millennium information, viewer feedback, and links.
Robles, Mark - Makoy
Personal information and links to other pages he has created.
Robnett, John - Johnnybabys World
Autobiography, photographs, a list of his friends, information about his interests, contact details, and Java games.
Roghkov, Dmitriy
Civil/structural engineer with a Ph.D. in structural analysis. Biography, interests, pictures, and links.
Rohde, Maggi - Tangled in Maggi's Web
Pictures, stories, and links.
Rohlik, Ondrej
Links, projects, and personal biography.
Roig, Jon
Biography, resume, portfolio, wrestling movies, and links.
Roldan-Valadez, Dr. Ernesto
Includes a resume, pictures, hobbies, and personal information.
Rolfes, Kevin and Kay
Includes a collection of photo galleries, a weblog, and links of interest.
Roloff Family
Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zachary, Molly and Jacob Roloff official site. Offers salsas, information on public speaking and profiles.
Romain, Steve
Includes cellular phone information, personal interests, and pet rabbit pictures.
Rope, Todd L.
Contains photographs and a resume.
Rosier, Flip
Includes family, photographs, and links.
Rosli, Ummi Haslinda Mohd
About Ummi, Malaysia, and music he likes.
Roup, Oliver
Includes contact information, resume and current projects.
Rousseau, Jorma - Jorma's Mind
Computer engineering student at University of Buffalo. Quote, pictures, personal information, and links.
Rowe, Bill - Bilro's Nowhere Page
MIDI files and Cornish folklore. Celtic, Arthurian, and Tolkien Graphics.
Rowley, Derek
Pictures of friends and family, hiking in the Mount Rainier National Park, and events in his life.
Rummery, Mike- Outdoor Enthusiast
Includes personal information, news, views, and links.
Russ, Wendy - Wendy's World
Writings, information on her business, images, links to other Wendys on the Internet, activism, quotes, and history.
Rutherford, Phil
Information on his interests in radiation safety and health physics.
Rutkowski, Chris
Contains links, jokes, pictures, and a little about the author.
Ryter, Juerg
Includes photographs, recipes, and links.

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