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Valadi, Nojan
A student at the Medical College of Georgia studying Neurology. Includes a biography, resume, his research interests, photographs of his honeymoon, wedding, and vacations, and a web design portfolio.
Valdez-Ramirez, Mario A.
A Consultant and freelance developer from Mexico. Contains personal information, software he's created, his presentations, photographs of family and friends, and a weblog. [Some pages are in Spanish]
Valenti, Mark
A web developer and security analyst from Lincoln Park, Michigan. Includes a true story of his family surviving an accident, and a resume.
Van Achte, Scott and Lyndsay
A married couple living in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. Includes the story of how they met, information about and a photograph gallery of places traveled, and their wedding and honeymoon.
Van Bossuyt, Douglas
Contains information about his college days, a collection of his dreams, photographs, information about his hobbies, and a weblog.
Van Den Bremt, Davy
His web design portfolio, a weblog, web resources for web designing and music equipment, a guest book, and various links.
Van Deusen, Mary S.
A writer, multimedia and web designer, and video maker. Includes her photos, writings, music downloads, and links.
Van Dyke, Neil W.
Information about his Internet research projects, downloadable open source software in Scheme and other languages, and a weblog covering topics like photography, journalism, new media, and Do-It-Yourself.
Van Dyke, William
Pictures of and information about his King Snake Special bike, a list of all his CDs and songs, fan letters, and pictures of his friends and celebrities at biker events.
Van Ingen, Ap
Pictures and a map of his house, his interests in motor-cycling, traveling, and computers, and information about how he built his website.
Van Kerckhoven, Alain
A list of his published works, his projects, favorite things, friends' websites, and a resume.
Vandoren, Bram
A step-by-step process of how to install Ubuntu Linux on an Acer Travelmate 4651lci laptop.
Vanovschi, Vitalii
A photo gallery and resume highlghtng his projects, awards won, and education.
VanTassell, Edward - EdTV
A weblog, a photo gallery, amusing pictures, downloads, and video.
Varga, John H., MD
A Senior Health Care Executive and Management Consultant from Falls Church, Virginia. Includes information about his 20 years in the US Navy, information about the health care field, and photos.
Varis, Rauno
Photographs from places visited, including Brazil, and a paintings gallery.
Varma, Kalyan
A collage of his wildlife photos, articles he's written and presentations he's given, a photo weblog, journal, biography, links to friends' sites, and contact information.
Vashi, Pinak
Photographs of family and friends and from vacations taken, a resume, and favorite links.
Vasquez, Jhonen - Hall of Mirrors
Contains lyrics, art, writings, and a portfolio of pictures he's taken and manipulated.
Vaughan, Adam
Includes rants, strange things like “The Great Bunny” tale found on an Easter egg package, a biography, and links.
Vaughn, Michael
A visual artist from Virginia. Includes a collection of his paintings, pictures of himself and his friends, photos taken of different buildings while visiting Italy, and a brief biography.
Vecanski, Ivan
A collage of photographs taken from his trips around the world, including Qatar, France, and Ireland.
Vega, Bob
Details of his childhood, life at college, and married life, includes a horoscope, pranks he pulled while working at Radio Shack, a tale about the Dudley brothers, and slang terms for hacky-box.
Vehar, Jason
Photographs of his friends, family, and wedding, and favorite links.
Veik, Tom - Veik's Hikes
A photographer with an interest in hiking shows travel photos from national parks, including the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain national parks.
Veitch, Paul
A software developer from Sydney, Australia. Includes his resume for download, information on his favorite UK indie band, The Charlatans, and information on the evolution of his website.
Veldman, Rick
Includes travel photos, a poison ivy quiz, macro photography, a portfolio of his photographs, and a travel checklist.
Venema, Wietse Zweitze
Software he's written that's free to download, his papers, achievement awards won, contact information, and various links.
Venkatesh, B.Balaji
Information about himself, his favorite jokes, and his favorite links.
Ventrice, Tony
Information and pictures of his year spent living and working in Austria, a biography, his writings and paintings, a children's story he wrote, and information about his favorite books.
Ventura, João Carlos Negrão
His CV, computer science publications, information about his family, and various links.
Verbiest, Michel
Information about his education and work experience, an abstract of his Master degree thesis, pictures of family and friends, and various links.
Verd, Brad
Information and photographs of his appendectomy, various photos of his family, animals, and landscapes, and information about his job as a Systems Development, Operations and Architectural Design specialist.
Verma, Amit
A graphic designer based in Delhi, India. Includes a portfolio, contact information, and a blog that includes Internet-related topics.
Vermorel, Joannès
A researcher in data mining, knowledge discovery, statistics and machine learning. Includes pictures and information on how to build a pop-pop boat, his open source projects, and a list of his publications.
Vibber, Kelson - Hyperborea
A collection of humorous quotes and items, his writings, including poetry and fan fiction, a photo gallery, and a journal.
Vier, Jeff
A Senior Unix/Linux Administrator living in Chicago, Illinois. Contains a Purity Test, biography, photographs, a resume, and links.
Vik, Sigbjørn
A biography, his interest in traveling and sports, past personal projects, including a downloadable game, a resume, and links.
Viola, Addie
Photos of friends, school, karate club, and team Yakuza.
Virgilio, Christina
Song lyrics from her first CD, pictures of her playing different instruments and during ROTC training, details about her interests, and a resume,
Virgin, Jeff
Chronicles the building of his home from the ground up in a span of 90 days. Includes photos of the house being built and daily notes on the progress.
Virkus, Emily
A collage of pictures of her wedding and honeymoon, her animals, including cats, a dog and horse, and of her taking dancing lessons. Also, information about how she and her husband met.
Vishujoyshe, Yurgan Kumar
Contains a brief biography, his interests in music, traveling, and religion, tips on how to create global change, samples of his personal electronic music, and photo galleries.
Vitaglione, Giosuè
An information and communication technology expert originally from Italy and now living in the USA. Includes a brief biography, a resume, and various links.
Vittek, Marian
A professor at the Institut of Informatica at Comenius University in Slovakia. Includes his research interests, a list of works published, and his software projects.
Vlachos, Alex
Descriptions and illustrations of 3D graphics he's created, his 3D photography, a resume, and various links.
Voboril, Petr
His photographs and graphics collection.
Vock, André
A 3D web designer from Stockholm, Germany. Includes a collection of his website designs, his 3D visualizations, a biography, and a resume.
Vogl, Gregory J.
Resume and online portfolio, learning materials for information technology and physical science, Java and JavaScript activities, and photos of family, friends and Africa.
Volpe, Chet
Includes Java games, a resume, and a ghost story.
Volstad, Josey - Josey's Mambling Page
Pictures of her family, friends, her senior year of college spent in France, and of her car accident.
von Berg, Scott - The Scotto Grotto
Includes a biography, pictures of himself and his friends, a "Newtcam," a journal, games, and links.
Von Kohorn, Dan
Information about his favorite things, including music, movies, and words, personal and financial notes, curriculum vitae, photos from ski trips, his research and writings, and links.
Vonbank, Sabine - Cosmic World
Photos of her trips from around the world, including The Alps, Hawaii, Eurocamp, and the Canary Islands.
Vries, Hugo de - Kibrahacha
Spiritual short stories and poems, genealogy, photography and maps of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles, information about pottery, and resume. [Some pages are in Dutch]
Vries, Nico de
Includes pictures of his family, information about his hobbies, his interest in space travel and science, a resume, and a weblog.
Vyduna, Jeff
Contains his website development projects and a weblog.

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