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W, Melissa - Honey Bee's Hive
Pictures from Europe and information on Harlaxton College, University of Evansville, Music Therapy, Scoliosis, Colorado and Indiana.
W., Randall
Some personal information and links to favorite sites.
W4JCB - Carlton's Thoughts
Carlton writes about the Bible, computers and amateur radio.
Waddel , William - Horse Thief
Story of William Waddel, who was transported to Australia to serve his seven year sentence for stealing a horse in Scotland. Also contains genealogy.
Wadler, David
Includes personal information, writings, and musings.
Wages, James
Contains web design tips and internet-related links and resources.
Wai, Wing Hong Onyx
Professional activities, photographs, research, and contact information.
Wainwright, Karl
Includes news, work, a resume, travel, hobbies, and family.
Waldrop, Steve and Anita
Hobbies and information about the Waldrop's. Also graphics and links.
Wallis, Mark
Information software development projects (LORE-Portal, JIRS and others) plus personal and contact details.
Walmsley, Priscilla
Includes a resume and links to personal publications and presentations.
Walvekar, Sheel
Personal bio, photographs, jokes, riddles, and fan of the Detroit Red Wings.
Wambaugh, John
Online resume, interests, and reviews.
Wand, Josh
A food photography from New York City. Includes a personal gallery of his photographs.
Wanniarachchi, Amila Udayanka
A Senior Network Engineer living in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Includes a biography and list of professional skills.
Wardell, Josh
Links to his several web pages, including Pearl Jam MP3 Archive, Guilford High School Class of 1996 page, DVD, and personal information.
Warner, Kerri
Personal information, pictures, and favorite links.
Warner, Raleigh
Personal information, pictures and links.
Mike and Mary Anne, from Warrenton, Virginia. Photos, resumes and links.
Wasserberg, Thomas
Links, photos and personal information.
Wassermann, Jan-Hendrik
Personal information, humor, and links. In English and German.
Wattenhofer, R J
Author Raymond "RJ" Wattenhofer provides articles and novella. Creative story writing, screen writing and historical articles.
Watts, Byron T.
Personal information, pictures and links.
Watts, James M.
Pictures, art projects, scripting, and links.
Waupoose, William John
Photographs of him, his family, and his pets, links, and personal information.
Way, Emily
Personal information, links, pictures and a guest-book.
Weddington, Mark
Family information, rants, and criticisms.
Wegener, Jonathan
Personal information, academic studies, activities and interests, and links.
Provides email, photos and genealogy sections for registered users.
Weill, Jason
Includes a biography, pictures, resume, satire, and rants.
Weinman, Bill
Biography, music, film reviews, newsletter and links to information on his Web projects and books.
Weis, Markus
Personal information and qualifications.
Weiser, Mark
Pictures, personal information, and links.
Weismiller, Kristin
Contains personal pictures, world clock, currency converter, and favorite links.
Werneburg, Michael
A father, an entrepreneur, a Canadian living in Japan, an amateur photographer and writer, and a former IT professional.
Wertheimer, David - netWert
Personal, biographical, and professional information, as well as a resume and portfolio.
Wesoloski, Michael and Jolie
Family details, pictures, information on their pond/iguana cage habitat and links.
Wessell, Dusten - High-Tech Page
Java scripts, awards, information on tennis, Oasis, and links.
Westergren, Jim
Weblog, articles on online marketing and web design, short stories, and essays on philosophy.
Westermarck, Fredrik
A Chief Technical Officer living Sweden. Includes personal information and resume.
Wetmore, Alex
Personal interests and information.
Whettestone, Richard - Biography
Personal information on a hopeful producer of weekly dramatic TV series.
Whitaker, Kirk
Biography, music, family, and ministry objectives.
Whiteman, Bob
Online journal and musings of ordinary Silicon Valley guy.
Whiton, Christian
Photos, writings, family and other information.
Whittaker, Robert J.
Personal information, photos, details of research, and links.
Who, Lou
Features photos, favorite links, friends' pages and information about his book, Hippie Daze.
Wiberg, Daniel
Photographs of family and friends.
Wibowo, Ari Sulistyo
Personal information, pictures, and links.
Wiedmann, Frank
Work and schooling information, thesis details, and links.
Wielgosz, Richard V.
Personal information and vacation photographs with audio engineering, music, and space pages.
Wienke, Jochen-Matthias
Personal information, photo gallery, and computer section.
Wightmans, Neil
Personal information, circum vitae, a photo album, software and Windows video tools.
Williford, Paul and Emily
Includes live webcams, photo album, web sites on pensacola and Memphis, and an udpdate page.
Wills, Monica
Brief personal details and photos of friends and family.
Winfree, Adam
Personal information, music, and guest book.
Wing, Chris
Kernel and CAEN Linux work, resume, and links to friend sites.
Winiecki, Kenneth B., Jr.
Personal information, return link processor technical documentation, research, and links.
Winkopp, Eilzabeth Ruth
Beth's biography, information about her friends, some pictures and her schedule.
Winslow, Elizabeth Brady Cabot
A brief autobiography and resume, information about the author's family, friends, and neighbors.
Philosophical writings, information and photographs about his personal mission to visit every Starbucks in the world.
Winter, Joe
Offers personal information, a chat forum, pictures, and links to places in Atlanta.
Winter, Nick
Collection of travel photography, reviews, and recommendations.
Wisbey, Robert
Personal data, circum vitae, photos, links of interests, technology information and contact information.
Wiseman, J. D. A.
Papers on electoral systems and on financial architecture.
Wiseman, Laura Madeline
Literature, politics, photography, and slices of life.
Wiss, Don
Presenting a photograph collection in categories of travel, foraging, and people, as well as a catalog of foragable plants, personal travel journals and health links.
Wittamon - Wittymedia
Personal and professional information.
Wittenbeck, Dominik
Information about him, his projects, music and artwork.
Wittgow, Tom
Color snapshots of people, parties, and vacations. [Requires Flash]
Wohlmut, Kevin - Kevin's Brain
Writing, art, opinions, fantasies, personal information, humor, and links.
Woitas, Jerry
Photos and tribute to the USA.
Wold, Jonathan
Collection of digital artwork and writings. Includes personal photography, weblog, poems, essays, and information about some of his past and future business ventures.
Wolff, Martin
Includes personal information and a resume.
Wolk, Douglas
Diary, articles, assorted writings, and links.
Wood, Jeremie
A biography of his life growing up as a missionary kid, favorite quotes, and a photo gallery of family, friends, and places lived.
Woodford, Mark
Homemade mp3s along with personal hobbies and interests.
Woodhams, Jim
Includes personal information, music, pictures, quotes, and links.
Woody, William Edward
Includes personal information, pictures, and a resume.
Worgs, Michael
Brief personal information, friends, links and pictures.
Worthington, Paul
Brief personal information, interests, a picture and links.
Wreh, Joseph - Information Technology and International Relations
Student at Seton Hall University. Personal and school information.
Wren, Donna and Chris
of Arlington, Massachusetts. Photos, personal pages, information, and links.
Wright, Jevon: Jevon Online
A Computer Science PhD student who's also interested in making music. Includes a biography, photographs, computer articles, software, and downloads.
Wrye, Tim
Personal information and project links related to his position at Highline Community College.
Wust, Peter - The Philosopher from Munster
Information about the German existential philosopher with photographs.
Wvong, Russil
Information about the author, travel photos, humor, and essays about the future.
Wyckoff, Nick
Personal information and hobbies such as hunting with photographs.
Wye, Tony
Brief personal information with photographs of friends and vacations.
Wyss-Alba, Andre
Personal information and pictures from trips and family events.

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