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This category is concerned with the life and works of Ludwig Wittgenstein. The Biography subcategory is for articles and sites concerned with the life of Wittgenstein, and his character. General Introductions contains material that attempts to give an broad introduction to Wittgenstein's thought. German Language Sites gives links to sites in the World/Deutsch hierarchy. On Certainty, Philosophical Investigations and Tractatus contain material principally concerned with the works by those names. Private Language Argument concerns work in the Philosophy of Language inspired by the passages of the Philosophical Investigations that puroprt to show that there can be no such thing as a private language. Reference contains links to online texts of works by Wittgenstein, bibliographies, quotations and links to online resources.

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Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Professional society dedicated to the legacy of this Austrian thinker. Conference announcements, membership information, and list of publications.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Wittgenstein
Entry by Duncan J. Richter outlining Wittgenstein's thought and place in philosophy.
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)
Comprehensive links page, maintained by Brian W. Carver.
Philosophy Pages: Wittgenstein
Discussion by Garth Kemerling of the life and works of Ludwig Wittgenstein, with topical links to additional information. Includes an online version of the Tractatus.
TIME 100: Scientists & Thinkers - Ludwig Wittgenstein
This article features a biography but also own thoughts of the author Daniel Dennett to Wittgensteins Meta-Physics. Includes a small quiz.
Web Exercise on Wittgenstein
Web exercise devised by Harry Gensler, testing a students grasp of the Tractatus and the Investigations.
Brief introduction to his work.
Wittgenstein Bibliography
List of this thinker's published works, from the University of Chicago Library.
Wittgenstein's Logic of Language
Robert Angelo introduces the metaphors, definitions and methods Wittgenstein used to create an objective distinction between sense and nonsense in the context of philosophy.

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