Ecumenism refers to the movement among various Christian denominations encouraging improved church relations and promotion of common ministries.

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Action of Churches Together in Scotland
Official website. Events, news from churches, work, newsletter, ecumenical assembly, publications and links.
Canadian Center for Ecumenism
Information about the Center and list of the ecumenical and interfaith dialogues and conversations. Montreal, Quebec.
The Catholic League
Covers the views, Marian patronage, priest director and officers of this organisation working for the reunion of all Christians with the Apostolic See of Rome. Also brief details of the "Sodality of the Precious Blood".
The Centre for Christian Unity
An open forum for the coming together of God's people, whether church members, ministers, clergy, youth or students.
Christian Conference of Asia
Churches in Asia working together in mission, leadership development, ecumenical relationships, and issues of social justice.
Christian Council of Sweden (CCS)
Ecumenical forum for churches in Sweden: including the Free church, the Catholic church, the Lutheran church and the Orthodox church. [Swedish, English]
Church Women United
A national ecumenical movement of Christian women in the United States whose life centers around prayer, Bible study, advocacy and action, with a strong commitment to social justice, to human rights, to civil rights, to the welfare and flourishing of women and children so that all may flourish.
Church World Service
The relief, development, and refugee assistance arm of the National Council of the Churches of Christ an ecumenical consortium of Christian denominations in the USA. Includes overview, work and getting involved.
Churches Together in Britain & Ireland
Official website. Participating members, work undertaken, news items and partner organisations.
Churches Together in Wales
Information in English and Welsh on Christian unity efforts in Wales. Staff, church statistics and statements.
Churches Uniting in Christ
A relationship among eleven churches in the United States, succeeding the Consultation on Church Union, focusing on issues of racial reconciliation and sharing together.
Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE)
Organization of major Protestant churches of Europe. Formerly Leuenberg Church Fellowship. [English, French, and German]
Conference of European Churches
A fellowship of Orthodox, Protestant, and Old Catholic European Churches along with some associated organisations. Members and links, news, events and contact.
Council of Churches of Malaysia
Ecumenical fellowship of churches and Christian organizations in Malaysia that seeks to build unity in the church and carry out common mission.
Couturier Links of Ecumenical Friendship
Paul Couturier was a French priest and the apostle of Christian Unity. The Couturier Links of Ecumenical Friendship website is an initiative to observe the Fiftieth Anniversary of his death. A number of events will be coordinated to take place throughout 2003 in England, France and Belgium.
Day 1
Interdenominational radio and television ministry broadcasting preachers from across America. Formerly known as The Protestant Hour and produced by five mainline denominations in the United States.
Eco-Justice Ministries
Eco-Justice Ministries is an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God's creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability. Articles, tips, calendar and how you can help.
Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe
Describes the membership, and activities of the organisation.
Ecumenical Youth Site
Sponsored by the World Council of Churches. Information on issues of peace and justice, church renewal, and work with youth and young adults toward ecumenism. Includes discussion boards, resource listings, and a calendar of upcoming events from around the world.
An organization of denominations working to provide an online ecumenical community for communication, collaboration, and shared ministry.
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
A fellowship of evangelical churches in Canada seeking to influence discussion on national issues.
Institute of Ecumenical Studies
IES is an integral part of Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine, Lviv). It promotes interdenominational, international and interdisciplinary reflection on the contemporary ecumenical movement and offer an academic, modern, and interactive education in ecumenical studies.
International Council of Community Churches
Organization of ecumenical Christian congregations.
Irish Council of Churches
Briefing paper on Northern Ireland, Irish ecumenical bodies, resources, peace education programme, women's link and church statistics.
Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College, Dublin
Irish School of Ecumenics is a postgraduate academic institute within Trinity College Dublin. Events, theses, publications, alumni, and links.
National Association of Evangelicals
A resource and networking tool for evangelicals in the United States, including publications, resolutions, press releases, conferences and events, member listings and applications, and links.
National Council of Churches in Australia
Resources, news, events and publications. Information on the work of the council and its member churches.
National Council of Churches in India
Ecumenical forum of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches in India, seeking to provide a Christian witness in society and a forum for discussion of issues among Christians in India.
National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA
An ecumenical consortium of Christian denominations. News, Friendship Press catalog, list of member communions.
The Porvoo Churches
Official documents, information, pastoral resources and other material from the ongoing Porvoo process, an emerging union of European churches.
Prairie Centre for Ecumenism
An interchurch agency for the promotion of Christian unity on the Canadian prairies.
Somerset Churches Together
Somerset, England. Seeks to provide both information and a personal link with local ecumenical groups. Overview and events.
South African Council of Churches
Churches working for moral reconstruction in South Africa, focusing on issues of justice, reconciliation, integrity of creation and the eradication of poverty and contributing towards the empowerment of all who are spiritually, socially and economically marginalized.
World Council of Churches
An international fellowship of Christian churches, built upon the foundation of encounter, dialogue and collaboration.

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