These are sites that offer information, resources, and political and social commentary about sex work and the sex industry, including prostitution, stripping and exotic dancing, professional dominance, porn modeling, phone sex and other forms of sexual or adult entertainment for money. These are **not porn sites!!** Generally they offer the view that sex work is an individual choice, not a sin or something that should be criminalized. They may be sites that tell about one individual's experience or they may be sites for organizations that support sex workers in various ways.

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The Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network is an organization that provides information related to sex workers' rights.
The Critical Eye | Tracy Quan
The creator of call-girl Nancy Chan speaks about her work and her former career.
Erotic Service Providers Union
An organization that seeks to unionize erotic service providers such as strippers and exotic dancers.
Feminist Issues in Prostitution
An analysis of liberal, radical, and Marxist feminism as it relates to prostitution. Presented at an International Conference on Prostitution in 1997.
Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)
Offers ideas, observations and research related to sex work in the context of health and human rights.
Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive
HIPS is a Washington DC organization designed to help street prostitutes through outreach, education,and legal assistance.
International Sex Worker Foundation
Promoting art, culture and education related to international sex work.
International Union of Sex Workers
The IUSW supports initiatives that decriminalize all aspects of sex work that involve consenting adults.
Pros, cons, studies, and data from hundreds of experts in the debate about if prostitution should be legalized.
Prostitutes Education Network
Information about prostitute rights, working conditions and the history of prostitution. Geared for students and activists.
Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry
Provides a range of health, safety and legal information for sex workers in Victoria, Australia.
Sex Work Cyber Resource Center
Legal information and support for sex workers and customers. Includes international legalities.
Sex Workers Outreach Project
A group promoting the decriminalization of prostitution in the United States.
Sex Workers Project
A project advocating for sex workers. Includes a report about police interactions with street-based prostitutes in Manhattan.
Veronica's Voice
Former sex workers provide non-judgemental support and services for women and girls that are or have been involved in sex work.
Prostitution under the Rule of Taliban
A report in article format by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. (August 01, 1999)

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