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Describing Web Sites

Below are guidelines that directly relate to describing sites in Kids and Teens. These guidelines will help ensure that material added to the ODP meets the directory's goals.

Description Writing

The description gives specific information about the site. A description like "Find information about famous movie stars and other celebrities, including biographies, interviews, and audio and video samples" is more useful than the description "Information about celebrities. Cool pics and sound." Users should be able to find the site that they want from the descriptions.

Good Kids and Teens descriptions:

Age Groups (Age Tags)

Assign all appropriate age group tags by clicking in the box to the left of the age group. Usually you will only assign one age group to a site, but there will be instances when you will want to assign two, or possibly all three, age group tags depending on the site's intended audience. A site may have more than one age tag if the content is intended, targeted, or appropriate for more than one age group (e.g. a site for grades 6-8 would be assigned a "Kids" and a "Teens" age group tag). The age group tags are defined as follows:

Kids (12 years and younger)
content tailored to the developmental and educational interests of young children.
Teens (13-15 years)
content focusing on areas of interest to young teens that includes relevant subjects and resources plus content that address new interests that these age groups typically develop.
Mature Teens (16-18 years)
content that recognizes expanding abilities, interests, responsibilities and maturity of this age level.

Kids and Teens ODP downstream data users have the ability to filter the RDF dump based on the age tag values entered for a site. As such, it is of utmost importance that each and every site be categorized into the appropriate age grouping.

RDF Dump

Kids and Teens ODP data may be used by a number of web sites, search engines and directories. The ODP does not control when these sites update their data. The ODP license contain additional details for data users. ODP Data is available as a Resource Description Format (RDF) dump. This raw data can be filtered to include only Kids and Teens sites and can be further filtered by age group.