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Below are guidelines that directly relate to adding specific types of sites. These guidelines will help ensure that material added to DMOZ Kids and Teens meets the directory's goals.

No site is guaranteed placement in the Kids and Teens Directory, and the project depends on editors using good judgment when adding content. Our goal is to make the Kids and Teens Directory the most useful resource for children and teenagers on the Internet. Kids and Teens includes sites designed for people under the age of 18 years old. Sites intended for a general audience that are appropriate for, and of interest to, people under 18 may be added to the Kids and Teens Directory, even if they are also listed in the main DMOZ directory.

We ask that editors maintain editorial integrity and always employ good common sense.

Sites to Include

Quality, Content Rich Web Sites

Web sites added to the Kids and Teens Directory should have the following general qualities:

Age Appropriate Sites

All sites intended, targeted, or appropriate for people under the age of 18. Sites added should be evaluated against the following age appropriate guidelines:

Kids (12 years and younger)
content tailored to the developmental and educational interests of young children.
Teens (13-15 years)
content focusing on areas of interest to young teens that includes relevant subjects and resources plus content that address new interests that these age groups typically develop.
Mature Teens (16-18 years)
content that recognizes expanding abilities, interests, responsibilities and maturity of this age level.

Sites that are not intended to focus on one or more of the under 18 age groups should not be added to the Kids and Teens Directory.

Informational or Educational Consumer-oriented Sites

Consumer-oriented sites that are predominantly informational or entertainment-oriented are acceptable for the Kids and Teens Directory.

Acceptable: This site is primarily educational/entertainment, but has a link to a shopping site on the header. It is part of the larger web site.

Title: Discovery Kids
Description: Check out their fun, weekly adventures, games, and live animal cams.

Unacceptable: This site contains many items that would be of interest to children, but is primarily a shopping site.

Description: Shop online for all types of brands and toys.

If a site's primary purpose is to sell products and services, it should be considered a commerce site, and not be added to DMOZ Kids and Teens, even if the targeted audience is the under 18 age group. Sites that are informational or entertainment-oriented, but contain a shopping component (like an online store) may be acceptable as long as the shopping component is not the principal component of the web site. Additionally, if a visitor must purchase something to make the site worth visiting, it should not be included in the directory.

Acceptable: This site exists to allow children to publish writing on the Internet, but also allows anyone to read the published work. Even though a fee is required to publish work, anyone can view the writing free of charge.

Title: KidPub
Description: A site for young writers to submit their work or read work by other kids. Has over 40,000 submissions.

Unacceptable: Though this site offers an Internet browser for children, visitors must pay to use the software. Additionally, the site seems to be targeted more at concerned parents than at possible child users.

Title: Mobicip
Description: A kid-friendly, safe Internet browser that allows for extensive parental controls.

Exceptions may include commerce sites that attempt to teach children and teens money management, budgeting, or "how-to-shop."

Acceptable: This site is sponsored by a financial advisor who wants to sell a service, but has articles about how a kid can save money, start a business, and get questions about money answered.

Title: Young Americans Center for Financial Education
Description: Programs are designed to provide children with knowledge about the free enterprise system. It includes online tutorials as well as information about summer camp and other programs.

Sites Generally Not Included