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DMOZ Categories

In how many categories can my site be listed?

DMOZ editors determine the exact placement of each site listed in the directory based on its content. You should pick one category where you'd like your site to be listed. To expedite the review process, try to pick the specific category that corresponds to the subject matter of the site. Suggesting to a category that is too broad, or only marginally related to the sites content, will significantly delay the site from being reviewed and listed.

DMOZ categories are specialized enough so that in most cases a site doesn't need to be listed in more than one place. If a site offers information on a wide variety of topics, it will be placed in a broader category rather than in many specialized subcategories. For example, if you have a site selling tickets for concerts, football games, and amusement parks, the site would not be placed in all three categories. It will most likely be placed in a category for site selling tickets to entertainment events.

If your site is focused on a specific regional area, you may suggest your site to both a subject category, and a category in the Regional branch.

Can I be listed in the same category as my competitor?
DMOZ prides itself on being a Web resource free of commercial bias and self-interest. Volunteer editors list sites in the most appropriate category solely based on content found on the site. Editors do not consider a company's competitors when listing a site.
My competitor's site is listed, why isn't mine?
Each site is reviewed individualy and objectively, on a case-by-case basis. Only the content of the site is reviewed, and no consideration is given to if or how a competitor's site is listed.
Why is my site only listed in the Regional branch?
A site is listed in Regional branch when it provides information about a specific region, and/or when it is directly relevant to a population within a specific geographic area.
Where do non-English web sites get listed?
All sites containing non-English language content should be listed under the respective language under World. Check out the category description and the FAQ for the World category for more information about this area of DMOZ.
Where do Adult oriented sites get listed?
All sexually explicit sites are listed in the Adult category. Please do not suggest sexually explicit sites to categories outside the Adult branch. DMOZ has strict policies not to list these sites outside the Adult branch. The Adult category has PICS tags to prevent child safe browsers from accessing that part of the directory. The Adult category does not show up on the main DMOZ page. See the official Adult Guidelines, as well as the Adult FAQ for more information regarding DMOZ policy about adult content.
Does DMOZ have a category sites targeted to Kids and Teens?
In an effort to ensure safe searching for our younger audience, DMOZ has developed a "Kid Safe" area of the directory with specific guidelines targeted toward child safety on the Internet. The Kids and Teens directory is linked on the front page of DMOZ. Not only unique in its design, Kids and Teens is actually a semi-separate community within DMOZ.
How do I suggest a new category?
We welcome all suggestions for new categories! You can send your request to the editor of the parent category where you'd like the new category created, make your suggestion in our public forum, Resource-Zone or you can send your suggestion to DMOZ Staff. Due to the volume of requests and feedback, staff may not be able to inform you of our decision.