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How to Get ODP Data

Who can use the ODP's data?
Anyone can use the ODP's data.  It is available to the general public, and 100% free to use. However, you must agree to the ODP License. All ODP RDF users must provide an attribution on pages on their site that display ODP data. This attribution is described in section 2 of the license agreement.
Where can I find information about downloading ODP Data?
Information about downloading ODP data is available at The Open Directory provides its data for download in the Resource Description Framework (RDF), an XML format. See for general information about RDF.
What is the RDF dump?
The RDF dump is a collection of files amassed by the Open Directory Project. These files are publicly and freely available under the Open Directory License.
Where can I get the RDF dump?
You can download the ODP RDF at
How do I use the RDF dump?
Once you download the RDF, you'll need to supply your own script to parse the date. The currently used ODP tags can be found at
Are there tools or enhancements available?
Check out some of the sites located under the following category for enhancement tools: Computers: Internet: Searching: Directories: Open Directory Project: Use of ODP Data: Upload Tools.
How often is the RDF data updated?
A new RDF is created every Sunday, with all the updates from the previous week's editing.
Where do I go for further information/troubleshooting?
In addition to the above, you may find the following links helpful: