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Why isn't my site coming up when I search on DMOZ?
If your site was recently added to the directory, it will may take a day or so for it be included in the search index for DMOZ.
When can I find my site on Google, AOL, Lycos, and other search engines using DMOZ data?
The data files available for downloading (known as the RDF) are updated once a week. Data users update their version of the Directory according to their own schedules. Once your site is listed in DMOZ, it may take several weeks or more for your site to appear on any of the search engines that use DMOZ data.
Why isn't my site coming up on top when I type in my site's keywords?
You shouldn't rely on your directory listing to improve keyword searching for your site on downstream search engines. Instead, you should try to program keywords into the HTML META tags for your site. Helpful resources are available by searching for the subject.
How do I get a better search ranking?

Site ranking is based on search technology, and is not necessarily influenced by classifying sites in a Web directory. The DMOZ editors do not list sites to ensure your site is ranked on search engines using DMOZ data. It is contrary to DMOZ policy to pad site descriptions with keywords, and to manipulate competitor's site descriptions to improve a site's ranking on a third party's search engine. If you would like to improve your search engine ranking, you should contact a Search Engine Optimization professional. Many of their sites are listed under Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Promotion: Search Engine Optimization Firms.

I searched for my site on DMOZ, but it isn't listed any more, what do I do?

Sites are not deleted arbitrarily. The most common reasons a site listing is removed from the directory include, but not limited to, the following:

  • URL is a dead link, and a new or alternate URL can not be found
  • The content of the site has been significantly enhanced, and is in the process of being reclassified into another category
  • The site has been significantly striped of content, and may be under review and reconsideration for listing.
  • The site is being reclassified as a result of a category reorganization, or because the site is better placed in another section of the directory.
  • The site doesn't comply with our site listing guidelines.  While the DMOZ Directory is more inclusive than other Web directories, and attempts to be comprehensive in scope, there are sites we generally do not list:
    • Mirror sites
    • Redirecting URLs
    • Sites containing primarily affiliate links
    • Affiliate/reseller/franchise sites with no unique content of its own
    • Illegal sites
    • Sites devoted to the sales and distribution of a single product should be avoided, particularly if they are affiliate sites or if the site is merely a distributor for a manufacturer already listed in the Directory. The purpose of the Directory is not to replicate the individual listings of an online shopping catalog
    • URL consists of a search result set from another search engine or directory

Note: We care a great deal about the quality of the Directory. We aren't a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don't accept all sites, so please don't take it personally should we choose not to list your list your site. A site's placement in the directory is subject to change or deletion at any time at the discretion of DMOZ's editors and staff.

If your site was deleted, you may send a polite inquiry to the editor of the category where your site was listed. If there is no editor for the category, you may try to contact an editor higher in the directory tree. Alternatively, you may try to resubmit your site for re-consideration. Again, please realize that all site listing decisions are made at the discretion of the editorial community, and that no site is guaranteed a directory listing.