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Add Note to URL Feature

The colored notes at the top of the "edit URL" screen communicate important information about a particular URL or web site. The colors have the following meanings:

When in editing mode, the EDIT buttons will appear in color if one of these notes is attached to an URL. You may choose to turn of this color coding feature in your editor profile:

  1. Go to "Editor Main" (i.e. your dashboard)
  2. Click on the "Change Profile" link on the right side of your screen
  3. On your profile, click on the box next to "Disable the color coded edit buttons for URL notes"
  4. Go to the bottom of the page, and click on "Submit Profile Change"
Who Can Add These Notes?

Staff, admins, (k)metas, (k)editalls, (k)catmods, and (k)cateditalls can add, delete, or modify these notes. These edits are logged.

All editors can read them.

How Can I Get a Note Added?

Post your request in the URL Note Request thread with the reason for your request. Please carefully follow the request instructions listed in item 0 of that thread.

An editor with appropriate permissions will add a note to the URL.

If I Delete a URL with a Note, is the Note Deleted?

No, the system saves the note and corresponding URL if deleted. If an URL with a note is re-submitted or added again, the note will reappear.

I see a button with a different color than those above?

This is because a "URL Flag" had been attached to the listing. Read more about the flags...