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Site Specific Guidelines

Below are guidelines that directly relate to adding specific types of sites. These guidelines will help ensure that material added to the ODP meets the directory's goals.

The ODP editorial guidelines apply to editing within Kids and Teens. In addition, there are some special circumstances that may apply.

URL Deeplinking

Deeplinking is the process of adding links to sub-pages within a site. In the vast majority of ODP categories and branches, deeplinking is the exception rather than the rule (as mentioned here in the ODP editorial guidelines.) In the Kids and Teens directory, there are certain instances in which deeplinking is considered more acceptable:

Accessibility: Deeplinks that make it easier for youth to locate certain resources within a web site.

Link to this URL rather than

Content-Rich: Deeplinks that provide good content to existing subcategories within the Kids and Teens directory.

Link to these URLs in addition to the parent URL:

Poorly-represented categories: Deeplinks that provide content to subjects and categories with few existing web sites.

Link to this URL to provide content to the Pika category.


As a general rule, newsgroups are not listed in Kids and Teens. Very seldom will editors find a newsgroup that is appropriate for kids and teens, given that nearly all newsgroups are maintained by adults and incidentally contain adult language. Editors should employ the same level of judgment here that they would when reviewing chat and forum sites given the transitory nature of the content of these types of sites. Listing newsgroups in Kids and Teens should be the exception rather than the rule.

Non-English Sites

Sites in languages other than English should be listed in the most precise equivalent category under International/<language>. A non-English listing in a category outside of International should be moved to the appropriate International category. For example, a French language site in the Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: Living Things: Animals: Unreviewed category should be forwarded to the Kids and Teens: International: Français: Scolaire: Sciences: Biologie: Animaux: Unreviewed category. If you can't determine which category a site should be sent to, you can send it to the appropriate top International/<language> Unreviewed category with a note in the ODP Note field notifying the International editors of the move.

English language categories usually include links to a corresponding International category. To add links to an equivalent category in International, click on the "Edit Alternative Language" link on the category edit page. Input the category path in the text box, then click on the Update button. The link will appear as the name of the language on both the category's edit and public category pages.