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Robozilla is a webcrawler that periodically scans the directory for broken and outdated links. Robozilla notes when a page has moved or is not found. Editors can then correct the errors found. Robozilla error codes are positive numbers greater than 100 or negative numbers.

The positive numbers represent errors in HTTP protocol: Robozilla was able to talk to the server, but couldn't get to the document. The negative numbers mean that Robozilla was unable to talk to the server.

See also: Autoflags orange edit button

Fixing Errors

To fix an error, the best first step is to click on the link to make sure it is really dead.

While determining whether the site is still active, leave the link in the list of unreviewed sites.

For further details, you may wish to refer to the document entitled What should I do about Robozilla Errors?